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October 2, 2020

Food For Thought

Students in the Introduction to Foods course had their first actual cooking class in the kitchen making omelettes. Using local vegetables from our community farms, students showed off their knife skills and creativity while following proper kitchen safety procedures.

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Each student made their own omelette including a successful plated presentation. Students will spend at least 50% of the course cooking in the kitchen, reinforcing ideas and concepts reviewed in the classroom.

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Distance Education

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Connecticut allowed families to choose temporary distance learning. Our families choosing distance learning are joining our classrooms by Zoom or Google Meets to access the instruction. This is no easy feat. We are proud of our distance learning families’ ability to pivot and support their children. The students are coordinating their lesson schedules, and navigating the virtual environment to blend their homes into our school classrooms. Though there is a physical distance for some of our learners, there is still a strong connection!

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The Positive Benefits of Recess

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Recess has been a wonderful experience for our students since their return to school. After months of being at home due to COVID, students have returned to school with a wide range of emotions - from excited to nervous to worried - and with differing levels of ability to express those feelings. Providing recess time is one way to help our students transition back to school and to reconnect with their friends. Planning for safety through the rotation of equipment and play areas addressed both the need to be with others and the emotional and physical health requirements for safe play.

Throughout the past few weeks, students have expressed their joy and excitement of being able to run freely on the grassy areas, to play noodle tag with their friends, to climb on the playscape, and much more. These positive play experiences have been exciting to see and have brought much joy to our school communities!

Recess is so much more than just fun and games; it is through play that children grow and build friendships with peers. Providing our students with regular opportunities to play, socialize, rest, and re-energize through recess is imperative. The benefits of recess reverberate well beyond that short play period. Recess can improve mood, well-being, social engagement, behavior, learning, focus, attendance, and overall school climate.

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The seasonal weather has been perfect for daily outdoor activities and has made our students very happy! Here are pictures of our students in action as they navigate the designated play stations during recess.

Another special treat for our students this year is our new lunch program. The elementary schools have become sponsor sites of the National School Lunch Program. Students started receiving bagged lunches on September 21, 2020. Lunch menus are published the week prior and students have a variety of choices such as taco salad, sunbutter and jelly sandwich, pizza, ham and cheese sandwich, etc. Lots of fruits and vegetables are included. Government waivers made available during the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed our district to provide lunch for all students free of charge. Parents are delighted with this opportunity and our students are enjoying the many options. This waiver will remain in place until December 31, 2020.

Senior Project Spotlight - Mark Kibbe

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This summer, senior Mark Kibbe acquired a Land Rover that was headed for the scrap heap. Mark has managed to get the vehicle running again. For his senior project, Mark will be converting the interior of the car to a camper. It will feature a small kitchen, a sleeping area, storage space, and other amenities. To do this, Mark will learn electric wiring, carpentry, and plumbing skills. Mark feels like this project is a good fit for him, because "it's something I really want to do, and it'll be fun!"

Virtual College Admissions Panel

SVS College Admission Panel - September 2020

The School Counseling and Support Services Team hosted a Virtual College Admissions Panel on September 16th. We understand that the landscape of the college admissions process has changed due to the pandemic.

In an effort to answer questions and keep our students and families informed, Shepaug Valley School invited the following universities to attend the panel:

  • University of Connecticut
  • Eastern Connecticut State University
  • High Point University
  • Wesleyan University

Colleges were carefully selected based on application data from past Shepaug graduates. Panelists from the aforementioned institutions answered questions and provided useful information.

The School Counseling and Support Services Team realizes that it’s never too early to begin planning your future. Some of the topics included but were not limited to: the college essay, Common App, setting yourself apart from the applicant pool, GPA, Covid’s implications on standardized testing.

Students, are you looking to speak with admissions representatives from other colleges? Please visit the College and Career Center (CCC) at Shepaug. Mr. Michael McManus, the CCC Coordinator, will schedule virtual visits or one on one virtual meetings for students with admissions reps.

Agriscience Continues Expansion

We are proud to welcome many new students to our Agriscience program. The agriscience team works hard to build the foundations that will support present and establish opportunities for future learners. Students and staff are putting the final touches on our chicken coops that can be seen by various classes. Our new agriscience facilities are not only beautiful but also support the many needs of large and small animals.

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Environmental Science students have set-up aquariums to test and demonstrate the importance of the nitrogen cycle and it's role in maintaining a safe fish habitat. Grade 9 students use dedicated equipment to demonstrate the Pythagorean theorem by cutting squares out of foamboard. Grade 7 students study the importance of different preservation methods to prevent spoilage, deterioration and extend shelf life while assuring a product free of pathogenic organisms.

Fliers & Upcoming Events

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Region 12 Calendar

October 5 - Finance & Operations Committee Meeting, 5:30pm

October 5 - Board of Education Meeting, 7pm

October 9 - PD for Teachers/NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

October 12 - Columbus Day - No School

October 13 - WPS PTO, 6:30pm

October 14 - Picture Day at Burnham School

October 15 - Picture Day at Booth Free School

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