The Obsidian Mirror

By: Catherine Fisher

My book is the Obsidian Mirror it is about a Mirror that can take you back in time or even make the dead come back to life. The main character is a 14 year old boy named Jake he is confused because his father died and there is no explanation for his death.There are lots of main characters in the story like Venn he is Jake’s servant and his father’s best friend Venn wants to betray Jake and bring his wife back from the dead, but Jake thinks that Venn is the one who killed his father there is one more main character her name is Sarah she broke into Jake's house now Venn is threatening Sarah if she does not be the test subject for the obsidian mirror he will call the mental institution that is where she broke free from.Jake is the main character of the story because he will do anything to get his father back.The setting in the story is a mansion in the woods where supposedly his father died for an unknown reason.
Fisher,Catherine (2012) The Obsidian Mirror


He was like Ice


I was invisible to the man.


I was a statue not moving at all.

Sensory Language

My fingers were ice cold


The boys eyes were green as grass


The setting of the story takes place at an Abandoned Mansion where supposedly Jake father died the story is present


Jake(MAIN) Jake is a Rebellious kid who wants to know what happened to his father he is willing to try anything to find out what happened. He is a black haired light skin person

Venn (MAIN) is a mysterious person he barely opens up to Jake in the story Jake thinks that Venn is trying to help him but secretly he is going to betray Jake to get his wife back.

Main Conflict

The main conflict of the story is when Maskelyne a shee a half man half wolf breaks in to Jake's mansion and kidnaps Jake but his attempt fails because Venn is also a shee and they fight but Venn wins

Rising Action


Jake almost kills a student at his private school


Maskelyne tricks Jake and says he knows where his father is and makes a deal


The Maskelyne tries to kidnap Jake but fails


The Maskelyne breaks in to the Mansion


Maskelyne fights Venn


Jake goes into the mirror Then Venn smashes the mirror