What would dance be without music

By: Macy Bidnick

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dancing requires lots of partner work.

The girls where high heels and the boys were black leather high heels.

It has over 180 types of dance music.

It was a type of social dance.

Bollywood dance

It originates in India.

It is usually is performed to up-tempo songs.

Requires great strength.

Also requires great stamping.

Hip Hop

It is a type of street style.

There is down and dirty, the arm flalling waaking, and breaking.

It originated in the 1970s


It was originated from two ethnic roots.

African American vernacular dance and traditional Caribbean.

It is a mixture of modern and jazz.


It is a classical dance.

It is a mixture of modern and ballet.

It is a creative type of dance.