Live Free

Are you ready to live free?

Are you ready for change in 2020? Each year most of us will set new resolutions, by February they go by the wayside as life intervenes. What sets those apart who achieve their resolutions each year from those who let life intervene, I have found to be simple things. 1 they seek change, 2 they set intentions not resolutions. 3 They take action.

Our Double Blue Diamond leaders/upline Andy and Natalie Goddard recently sent a new year package. Within that package was a wonderful and supporting set of posters to help keep the focus of a goal I've had forever. Living Free, this is different for everyone and each person must find their way through the journey as they discover what is best for them. Living Free means different things to different people. It may mean paying off debt, it may mean becoming healthier, it may mean getting a handle on emotions or it could mean releasing things from our past that keep us stuck or a combination. Whatever it is for you, I hope the following is a support and comfort in your intentions.

The information has been broken down into the four basic needs, physical, emotional, financial, and mental support. When we feel physically supported our emotional support is easier to handle, when we need that extra boost, we have tools. Our toolkit is the essential emotions book or app, essential oils and life long vitality supplements. I have used this book over the past several years and continue to find support to release the things I need to release. I've lost 50 lbs with the supplements and oils. When it comes to our Mental support comes our mindsets take the charge. Byron Katie, has a great exercise to help us and can be found at www.thework.com . Once we do the work to change our mindset over a situation, then as if by magic our financial picture begins to change. "Abundance is not something we acquire, it's is something we tune into", Wayne Dyer Click on these links to learn more.

Our toolset doesn't end with these items, our essential oils are the purest one can find. Vanessa Owens gives us a LIVE FREE blend to help us.

I am here to assist you with your goals for the coming year, even if that means having a better understanding of the use of oils. Sharing with enough to pay for your oil habit or build a business, whatever your oil goal is, I'm here.

Let's kick it in 2020 whatever your goal!

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Carson City Wine Walk

Saturday, Jan. 4th, 1-4pm

333 North Curry Street

Carson City, NV

We will partnering with Nikkon for this event to help us explain the power benefits of Healthy Water and Essential oils.

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doTERRA Wellness class

Saturday, Jan. 25th, 10am

333 North Curry Street

Carson City, NV

We will featuring a class on the benefits of doTERRA's wellness lifestyle

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Come to our Class

If you want to learn more about doTERRA Wellness options, join us on January 25th at 10:00 am. The location is 333 N. Curry St Carson City NV. Between Proctor and Telegraph.


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