The Hawkeye state

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Land and Economy

Come to Iowa, the great 55,869 square mile farming state! If you like corn this is the state for you! Iowa is a great plains state that was formed by glaciers where 40% of people are farmers. The other 60% percent are retail categories, food processing, mining, software companies, and car making. I think you would love to be a farmer so you could have a 5,000 acre backyard.


Your favorite part of Iowa might be all the parties and festivals. They have a winter sports festival in Estherville, and a Tulip Time festival in Pella. A Grant Wood Art festival in Stone City, a Scandinavian Days festival in story city, and countless others. There is also a 500 mile bike ride from one side of Iowa to the other making it the longest bike ride in the united states. the name of this bike ride is: Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. Some people call this bike ride the RAGBRAI for short. This all proves that Iowa is the best state.

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