Weekly ELL Department News

“Start with the end in mind. ” ― Stephen R. Covey

Parent Center and Parent Involvement

Ana Nieto, the SISD Parent Liasion, formed a Parent Involvement Committee this year. Their first task was to create a list of needs for our community by obtaining all stakeholder's input. We want to provide as much support to the parents as possible. Please check out our webpage for updates on parent training offered at the Parent Center. Currently we offer courses in Keyboarding, ESL, Finance, and Citizenship. Also, if you need assistance on campus with translations, please contact Ana Nieto.

ELD Professional Development

January 26-28

February 8-10

February 16-18

April 11-13

Preparation for the TEA Visit (PBMAS)

Individual interviews will take place on campuses.

Student PEIMS folders will be audited to ensure that the following are in place:

Only 1 original Home Language Survey (in PEIMS folder)

In LEP folder (inside PEIMS folder):

1. Identification of the student as an ELL

2. Designation of the student’s level of language proficiency (Oral Language scores)

3. Recommendation of program placement

4. Parent approval/or denial letter

5. Dates of entry into program

6. Assessment information

7. Additional instructional interventions provided for students

8. Date of exit and parental approval

9. Monitoring for academic success, including students that have exited an ELL program

Exception and Waiver Approved

Our bilingual exception and ESL waiver has been approved by TEA.

Seidlitz Training for Teachers (What every teacher of ELLs should know in Texas)

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 8:30am-3:30pm

Katy Freeway

Brookshire, TX

This training is $190.00 and includes a book. If campuses would like to send someone please let the department know.
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