Colonial Areas

NE, Middle, and Southern

New England

Economy was based on small agriculture, fishing, home manufactures, shipbuilding, and trading. Their government was focused too much on religion and it eventually led to Salem witch trials. They started a Mayflower contract and then men got more involved.


Had a lot of African slaves. The size of their plantations limited them on room that they could have had for building cities. Nathaniel Bacon accused the government of not protecting its people well enough. Tobacco was booming in production so they needed more laborers and they used slaves. Slave population grew until the slave population was bigger than whites


Was originally New York, New Jersey, and later Pennsylvania. England had the control and these states were governed by royals and general assembly. they relied on grain production, and trading with local Native Americans. Quaker tried to use religion to govern but realized it would not have worked
These colonies are similar to each other because they all show people forming their governments, however they maybe use different things to form it with such as religion.