The O' Jays

by Krish Patel

The Beginning

The O' Jays are a band that formed in 1958 in Canton, Ohio. They originally consisted of the members William Powell, Walter Williams, and Bill Aisles. Then Eddie Levert and Bobby Massey joined. More people even joined after Levert and Massey.

Early Career

The O' Jays made minor hits throughout the 1960's, which were known as "Lipstick Traces". Then they teamed up with Gamble and Huff, a team of producers and songwriters, and they signed them to their Philadelphia International Label in 1972. Then The O' Jays started making big hits such as "Back Stabber", which was their first-million seller.

Middle Career

The O' Jays continued releasing hit singles in the 1970's. Then a tragedy happened, William Powell died of cancer in 1977 at age 35. After he died they added Sammy Strain to their band.

Later Career

After that they didn't really do as well as they did with Powell and "Use ta be My Girl" was their last top 5 hit. The O' Jays were inducted in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. a surprising fact is that Sammy Strain was also inducted with the group, while Bill Isles was not and he was an original member.