West Weekly Update

Volume 12, Issue 5, 9/19/21

From the desk of Mr. Jolliffe

Staff – Believe it or not but we only have 19 days until the end of the quarter. This would be a great time to go over how grades convert to credits with your AT kids. You already have this data from your PT conferences but especially your freshmen and sophomores need to see that D’s and F’s are too close for comfort to earn the credit. Teaching this now will help them as we move through the semester.

Monday, September 20th is official enrollment day. Accurate attendance is critical today (and everyday).

Do your students know that you care about them? Students have great radar and understand whether you are going through the motions or you really have an interest in their success. Building relationships is an ongoing and intentional process. Utilizing restorative circles to center your students after a weekend is one way of checking-in with them. This builds trust and will often allow students, who are outliers become part of the fold. As the teacher, this also gives you a chance to listen, learn and facilitate a trusting culture. If you don’t invest in the culture of your classroom you will struggle to have kids learning at the level you desire.

Parent-Teacher Conferences – Wednesday, September 22 – 4-7PM

You are responsible for reaching out to your Academy Time families and scheduling a time to meet virtually with them. I would like for you to discuss the following items with them:

1. Thank them for having their kids back in school and supporting the COVID protocols. Share with the parents that we appreciate their support.

2. Before you get to grades you would like to talk to them about their child’s path to graduation:

a. As a 9th, 10, 11, 12th grade student they should be at _____ credits and your child is at__

b. Congrats you are on track…. OR …. We have some resources to get your student on track

c. Your child is in the _________ Academy and working on __________ strand. They are on track or need these classes to complete their strand.

d. Your child’s GPA is ______. Our goal is to have our students above a 2.5 GPA and above 3.25 if they have ambitions of qualifying for post-secondary scholarships.

e. Then, discuss their current grades AND attendance.

3. Please document the conferences you have via virtual, phone, text or email. Mrs. Cooley will send out a form for you to complete and send back in to her at the end of conferences.

4. You are expected to conduct your conferences while in the building on both nights.

The homecoming parade will be held on Friday, October 1st. Students involved in the parade will be allowed into the game for free. Students will be encouraged to wear their Maroon and Gold and will be organized by academies. This will be a walking parade. Review the flyer. Go Pioneers!

Be Kind – Be Nice – Be Respectful – When asking kids to address their mask issues. Most of our kids will do a great job with their masks and will need simple, kind reminders to address the issues. Your tone and body language goes a long way in how a student will respond to your request. DO NOT FOLLOW students and hound them about their mask. Look for a camera and point towards the person you asked and then report that to administration and/or security. Let us pursue those more difficult cases. DON’T make this personal. Control what you can control and then let others handle the more interesting scenarios.

Together we are better – Go Pioneers!!!

Relationships, relationships, relationships…..Pioneers lead the way!!! - Mr. Jolliffe


Academy Time Activities

Refer to calendar:


Academy Time 2021-22 - OneDrive (sharepoint.com)

  1. Are you on track to graduate?
  2. What classes do you need to graduate?
  3. What academy strand did you complete?
  4. What is your GPA?
  5. YOU will be college and career ready!


PD Information from Mrs. Traylor

This week in PD, we will have a beginner and pro Xello class. Please look at the schedule below to see when each class being held
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West High Wellness Initiative

Check out all the information in the Teams Channel

If you are interested in offering your talents, please email Sross2@usd259.net

Let’s work together!


Events at West

After School Learning Center

Monday, Sep. 20th, 3pm to Thursday, Sep. 23rd, 5pm






Golf at Cherry Oaks

Monday, Sep. 20th, 1pm

1119 North Main Street

Cheney, KS


Tuesday, Sep. 21st, 9:30am


Golf at Tex Consolver

Tuesday, Sep. 21st, 3:30pm

1931 South Tyler Road

Wichita, KS

Soccer @ Bishop Carroll

Tuesday, Sep. 21st, 5pm

8101 West Central Avenue

Wichita, KS

Volleyball @ Northwest

Tuesday, Sep. 21st, 5pm

1220 North Tyler Road

Wichita, KS

Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Sep. 22nd, 4-7pm

Virtual in your classroom

Brotherhood Meeting

Thursday, Sep. 23rd, 9:30am

West High Cafeteria

Cross Country @ Lake Afton

Thursday, Sep. 23rd, 4pm

Lake Afton, Goddard, KS, USA

Goddard, KS

Tennis vs Kapaun

Thursday, Sep. 23rd, 4pm

West High Tennis Courts

Soccer vs South

Thursday, Sep. 23rd, 4pm

West High Turf

Golf @ Hesston

Friday, Sep. 24th, 9am

520 Yost Drive

Hesston, KS

Football vs Heights @ Friends

Friday, Sep. 24th, 7:30pm

2100 W University Ave

Wichita, KS


Around West

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West High Pioneer Booster Club

Our Booster Club has the following t-shirts and hoodies available. Please contact Mrs. Ramsey or Mr. Wanger if you are interested in any of these items.


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