Deinshawn Dance Company

Mackenzie George

  • Founded by: Ruth St. Denis, in 1915 and it was based in; Las Angeles, California.
  • Behind the company: Helped to prefect other peoples dances, more talented people came from this school; Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, and Jack Cole is are a few examples.
  • Style of company: : Ballet and Modem dance.

How many dancers were in the company: There was too many to keep track of, but it held some dancers that became dance teachers as well.

How many make up the dance company: Only2, Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn.

What makes the company one of the leaders today: They set the limits about modern dance.

Famous Pieces:

Invocation to the thunderbird (1916), Death of Adonis (1922), The Peacock/A Legend of India (1906), and The Incense

Ruth St. Denis in China/Asia - Exotic solo into Chinese