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Hello MBS Church & Parents,

I want to share with you, briefly, one of our last discussions that myself and our Teens had in Youth Ministry. Our discussion was on the subject of "Following Christ" and our anchor scripture for this discussion came from Ephesians 5:1.

"Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children." (NIV)

I remember when I first came upon this scripture as a Teen, and I immediately began to think about what it meant to follow someone. As a child, I literally followed my Dad in everything that I saw him do. For example, my Dad would cut his own hair sometimes, with professional barber scissors, in my parents restroom, and I would sit there and stare at him waiting for my chance to do the same. Well, one day my Father made the ultimate mistake of leaving his scissors on the counter, and of course, little ol' me was ready to pounce on the opportunity to imitate/follow my Dad's example. So, I took the scissors and I placed them in my hand, while preparing to use the same technique that I watched my Father use over and over again, and "Snip, Snip!!!" Little Lyndon at around the age of 4 who could barely look over the counter had cut his hair like his Father. The only problem was that I had cut a huge gap into my afro (this is mid 80's so the afro was still kind of in style...kind and the gap, or plug as it was called, was HUGE!!!! I remember my Dad being highly disappointed, because I messed up the haircut that he gave me, and to my Dad there was nothing worse than his boys having a bad haircut.

You know, we're supposed to follow God in the same pattern. Jesus came on this earth to give us a physical representation, a model, of our Father in heaven, and we, the church, were meant to imitate that. The literal definition of imitate is "to copy, to be, or to appear like, to follow as a pattern." As I stared at my Dad waiting for the opportunity to replicate his every motion, we are to stare into scripture with the high expectation of an opportunity to replicate Christ in our World. We are supposed to "appear like" Jesus, our Lord and Savior, here on the earth. We are His hands, His feet, and His mouth, and we are to carry forth His commission as He did during His earthly ministry.

Lastly, I asked one of the students to go the front of the room and pretend to be the leader for a game of "follow the leader." Whatever the student did we were supposed to imitate and do the very same thing. The leader put up their left arm, and the rest of us did the same, on and on. What we witnessed was complete harmony, unison, or one body if you will. Then, in order to reveal the point, I asked the class to do the opposite, or something totally different than what our leader was doing. So, as the leader put up their left arm, some people decided to put up their right arm. Some people decided to dance, and some people decided to run in place. You should have seen the complete chaos that unfolded in that room for about 30 seconds. Well, unfortunately that is what much of the church looks like, because many of us refuse to "Follow" Christ.

In closing, as mentioned to our Teens, most of us are very proficient at worshiping Christ, which we should do as our Lord and Savior. However, our worship should lead us to "Following" Christ. We must Follow Christ, and it is then that God will know that our worship is authentic, and so will the rest of the world.

God Bless,

Lyndon Batiste

Youth Minister

Most Blessed Sacrament Church

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