The Gompers GATOR Bulletin 10/21/19


I met 1st graders Jayden and Katelyn

Dear Gompers K8 Parent Community,

This past Friday, I had lunch with two of the most wonderful 1st grade Gompers Gators Jayden and Katelyn.

I learned that Jayden loves his family and having fun with them, he has two siblings (Jazmine and Giselle) who attend Gompers. He says he likes Thomas the Train and has a couple. One of his favorite movies is Spiderman. His favorite colors are red, orange and yellow..why? because they remind him of "fire" colors. He said he is excited about crazy hair day because his mom is going to spike his hair!!

I learned that Katelyn loves to play "roadblock" with her brother on the tablet. She says he's (Manuel) is on the big side of the playground, he's in middle school now. She likes school because you get to have fun learning together with math, library and of course recess!! She is excited for Halloween because she might be Anna from Frozen or Jesse from Toy Story. Soccer and Ice skating are things she likes to do too!!

Every time, I get the opportunity to sit and listen to children I am again reminded of my is about being a part of the education bridge for the future of our communities and society at large. Thank you Jayden and Katelyn for reminding me of the joy and beauty of serving as principal!

Sooooooo excited for FRIDAY....Ohhhh yeah the most exciting PTA event of the year!!!!!!! Looking forward to another great PTA event....... GHOULISH GALA!!!!..

Scholarly Dress is in effect and is expected by all...changes outs are beginning:

Tops - Collard Shirts: Red, White, and Blue "uniform" Shirts

Bottom - Uniform pants/shorts (Khaki and Blue), No Jeans

Outwear - School Spirit Hoddies/Sweatshirts is highly preferred

Daily School Uniforms - Monday - Friday

School Uniform Spirit Days are Friday!-

Gator Nation Day - Wear your Gator T-SHIRT & Blue Jeans (Friday ONLY)

Additionally, let us be reminded that classroom interruptions are to be kept to a bare minimum/emergencies only. The office will not interrupt for delivery of lunches, water bottles and school supply items to classrooms. Dr. Miller is not trying to be harsh and or ridiculous but one of the biggest concerns from teaching staff from all levels from last year was the "constant disruption" by the office of calls received for lunch delivery, keys needed, water bottles, projects, gym clothes, etc. Thank you for understanding the support to classroom valuable learning minutes.

Join in on the SPIRT Days all this week.....see information below!!!


Dr. Damita Myers-Miller -

#studentsaremywhy #180daysofwhy #thisiswhywedothis

Red Ribbon Spirit Week....

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Gompers Gators are UNITED against Bullying...WEAR orange TOP 10/23

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Gompers and LBUSD news

10/23 - Parent Bullying presentation at 3:30 in the LIBRARY.

Come learn about what is Bullying?

Come and learn school protocols/processes associated with bullying.

Schoolwide campaign on "GFS Neighborly" and Mindset Mondays and Tune Up Thursdays...November 2019

Dr. Miller reads with GATORS on Thurs, 10/24 @ 2:45 in the library

PTA Event of the Year.....GHOULISH GALA - 10/25

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VIPS are needed...FREE TB Testing to support application process


Free TB testing is available for VIPS at Tucker on Tuesday, October 29 from 9-1 and Wednesday, October 30 from 1-5.

Application Link:

Once application is complete please submit to office.


Did you know the GOMPERS PTA is one of the strongest in LBUSD and is seen as a model for other schools?

PTA Memberships:

$10 per member.....our goal is 600 memberships this year Membership incentive ends 9/30:

3 memberships = 1 free Tshirt, 5 membership - 2 free T-shirts

PTA news can be found on:

1. Gompers PTA website

2. Gompers Facebook Page

3. Gompers email:

Our school functions GREATER for students when we are all working COLLABORATIVELY for its SUCCESS!!

Support our PTA through MEMBERSHIP DRIVE $10

Click the link to do the online process in 1, 2, 3 easy steps

8th Grade - High School Choice process begins: Tuesday October 1

8th-grade families its already that time to begin preparing for high school. An official announcement was sent to all parents/families from the district/central office.

Parents come and learn about LBUSD's High School and School Pathways at the Choice Fairs:

  • High School Fair & Summits

    • Oct. 19, Cabrillo from 9-12

    • Nov. 2, McBride from 9-12

    • **the same information will be disseminated at both**

    • All of the high school counselors will be in attendance to answer questions in order for parents to make an informed decision on high school opportunities.

  • School of Choice Websites - Click to view all the school and program options

CROSSWALKS are to be used at all times for pedestrain safety. Use them it is not safe to cross without

Halloween Dress Code and Eating Code - Please read carefully

Safety and Security for Drop Off and PickUp

As we continue to work...please note that the supervision of students does not begin until 8:15 each day. Students who arrive earlier than that are not supervised by the school. Please ensure your child's safety by dropping off at the times specified times for supervision: 8:15. Please use crosswalks for pedestrian safety, it is the law.

Secondly, to support afterschool dismissal and traffic flow, the gates to the front of the school/Briercrest are open at 3:05 and will be closed at 3:30 each day. Please note there is NO Supervision after school in front of the school. All supervision by the Administration and Recreation Teams is in the playground area.

Continue to know that safety and security are key for the students and well-being of the learning environment.

Kindergarten PARENTS-

Please do not double park. Lakewood Sherrif will be issuing tickets. Our neighbors on Briecrest have concerns and are contacting authorities. Please park safely to drop off your Kinder student and pick up your child.

Cross Walks is the law:

Please use the crosswalks to ensure pedestrian safety in crossing the street. Lakewood has a city ordinance on pedestrian safety and use of crosswalk. Please adhere to safety measures for your child.

Eat Lunch with your child on Fridays

Come one and share some smiles with your child over lunch.

1. Sign in at the office

2. Receive a visitors sticker

3. Wait for your child at the benches with the lunch

4. Lunch Times:

1st - 11:25, 2nd & 3rd grade 11:35, 4th grade -11:45 and 5th grade 11:55, MS - 12:46

Please, No drop off of "special" lunches on Fridays, parents with the child for lunch..thanks!

Friendly Reminders.....