The Star Newsletter

December 2016

Dates to Remember

Final Exams: December 19 - December 21

End of First Semester: December 21

Christmas Break: December 22 - January 3

Start of Second Semester: January 4

November's Newsworthy Classrooms

Senior Star Day

On November 2nd, seniors were able to participate in STAR Day where they were able to job shadow a career of interest, visit a college, complete work-based study, or volunteer. 104 seniors participated in STAR Day and completed activities like visiting Purdue University, volunteering on farms, working in a doctor's office, and many more.

"Star Day was a great way to help me expect what I will be doing in my future!" - Mya Mosbaugh

"It was good to see college life in the truest form of still having to get up early." - Brandon Parsley

"STAR Day provided me the opportunity to job shadow my future major in Marketing. This was a great experience because I am even more enthusiastic about my future college major and career." -Meg Kinslow

"STAR Day was an amazing opportunity for me to not only get to help others, such as cancer patients, but allowed me to make my decision on a career as an Interventional Radiologist." - Kirsten Spall

Miss Martin's Class Takes a Virtual Trip to The Titanic Museum

Miss Martin's 7th grade class completed their Titanic Unit with a virtual field trip to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Students received boarding passes, pencils, and a scavenger hunt to complete as Molly Brown took them on a tour of the museum.

"I chose to do the Titanic Skype Fieldtrip because I wanted to teach my students that life is meant to be explored and adventure can be found inside and outside of the classroom. To read a memoir from a survivor is one thing, but to have a reinactor pose as one of those survivors (Molly Brown) and show us around the Titanic - that's a completely different experience. We couldn't travel to the museum so we had it come to us!" - Miss Martin

"I absolutely loved how the woman talking to us was in costume and was pretending to be a real person who boarded the Titanic! I loved how we had like a quiz over some things that we learned, except it was a fun quiz in the form of a scavenger hunt! I thought it was an amazing idea to send us boarding passes and I went home and told and showed my family all about this and they were very interested!" - Ella Jones

"I really liked how all of the facts were told in an interesting form. I loved how the museum has so much detail, and I can't believe how entertaining it ACTUALLY was!" - Cloey Tyree

Mr. Harrison's Class Goes on a Google Expedition

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Mr. Harrison's World History classes recently completed a virtual reality tour across the globe with Google Expeditions and Google Cardboard. Students toured The Great Wall of China, Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Brazil, The Taj Mahal, Petra, Jordan, Chichen Itza in Mexico, The Colosseum in Rome, and Machu Picchu in Peru.

"I enjoyed giving students an opportunity to visit places virtually with Google Expeditions that they may not otherwise get a chance to visit." - Mr. Harrison

"The Google Expeditions field trip was one of the closest things you can get to actually being at the location-- it felt like I actually went to the ancient seven wonders of the world. It was a breathtaking experience and very educational." - Natalie Jones

"The Google Expeditions were fantastic, I actually got to experience places around the world I never thought I would see." - Katie Baker

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