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[June 2019 Vol. 37 Issue 3]

Focusing on Library Trustees Issue
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-Newly initiated MLA President Mary Anne Hansen introduces this issue of FOCUS and discusses her goals for the next year.

Division and Committee News

-Academic and Special Library Division has opened a forum to keep conversation flowing between MLA events.

-The School Library Division is hosting their July retreat in Bozeman. Register today!

-FOCUS co-editor Sarah Creech welcomes new FOCUS co-editor Star Bradley and discusses the importance of volunteering time and expertise whenever and wherever you can.

MLA Conference in Review

-Kudos to planners Mary Anne George and Stephen Licitra for a fabulous conference!

-Some of the presentations from MLA Annual are available on the Montana Library Association website for your review and information. Check them out!

-Over $4,300 was raised for the Sheila Cates Scholarship at the conference - both at the silent auction and the evening comedy show! Check out the list of winners.

-Are you interested in helping plan the 2020 MLA Conference in Missoula? Contact Deb Kramer for more information and thank you in advance!


-Lewis & Clark Library has joined the Montana Shared Catalog!

-State Librarian Jennie Stapp provided an update on the 2019 MT Legislative session.

-Read excerpts from a survey sent to Montana Library Trustees! Rosebud County Public Library, Choteau-Teton Public Library, ImagineIF Libraries, Drummond School & Community Library, and Dutton Public Library are represented!

Programs, Promotions, Projects

-Encourage the teens in your life and library to submit a video to the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) 2019 Teen Video Challenge

-Get in touch with the Montana State Library Consultants through Zoho!

-Read about the 4th Annual Edible Book Festival at Butte-Silver Bow Public Library Featured in Montana Standard


-Welcome to our new MLA officers!

-Congratulations Brittany Alberson on your election to co-chair of the School Library Division

-Announcing the 2019 Young Reader's Choice Award Winners


-Reminder that the deadline for Certifying Library Standards is July 15, 2019

-New content on the Montana Historical Society newspapers database!

-Submissions open for August 2019 Issue of FOCUS!


Hi everyone!

I’m honored to serve as your MLA President—emphasis on the word YOUR—as in, please let me and the rest of the Executive Board know what YOU need from your state library association! The Board meets June 14-15 to discuss the association budget and other pertinent issues. Please let us know what else we need to discuss! We depend on you, the MLA membership, to know what pertinent issues are, so please don’t be shy about reaching out to let us know what you need and what you think about your library association.

One of my most rewarding involvements is coordinating the MSU Library’s annual Tribal College Librarians Professional Development Institute, a weeklong gathering the first week of June each year at MSU. This year’s Institute is June 3-7, so it’s prominent in my mind as I write this. Do you know what rock stars our tribal college library colleagues are? Not only are they serving the academic needs of their communities, they’re also serving as public/community libraries, offering such programming as after-school and summer reading programs, cultural programming, and more. They do all this in addition to meeting the information literacy and research needs of their tribal college students. Many of us serve Indigenous constituents, so one area I’m interested in exploring this year is learning more from our Indigenous library colleagues about more ways to serve Montana’s first citizens while also honoring our state law Indian Education for All, MCA 20-1-501, in educating all Montanans about our first citizens. Did you know that Montana has two of the American Library Association’s “Movers & Shakers,” Aaron LaFromboise, Library Director at Blackfeet Community College, and Joy Bridwell, Library Director at Stone Child College? Both are tribal members and recognized nationally for their leadership prowess.

During 2019-2020, I hope to learn more about the leadership efforts among all Montana’s library constituencies, including what our amazing SLD members are doing in the K-12 to College information literacy continuum. I know many of you are making great contributions in your schools and communities. I’m hoping to learn even more from you about the role that academic librarians can play in these important efforts. As a librarian at our state’s land grant university, I understand my role in partnering with all types of libraries and librarians in bettering the information infrastructure across Montana. And finally, happy summer!


Mary Anne Hansen, MLA President 2019-2020

Research Services Librarian, Montana State University Library

(Photo of Mary Anne Hansen and Carmen Clark at the 2019 Sheila Cates Event "Cow Tipping Comedy." Photo by Lisa Mecklenberg Jackson)

[ Mary Anne can be reached at ]


ASLD Online Forum Open!

I created an MLA ASLD Google site and a makeshift 'forum' (an open google doc). ASLD does have a Google Group, which I can incorporate into the site if desired. I've started two discussions on the forum and linked a draft ASLD Bylaws revision. Let's chat!

Jerusha H. Shipstead
Director, Woodenlegs Library
Chief Dull Knife College
1 College Drive Lame Deer, MT 59043-0098
+14064776215 ext. 138

School Library Division Summer Retreat in Bozeman

Please join us for the School Librarian Summer Retreat in Bozeman, MT. This retreat provides an opportunity for school librarians to socialize and receive library professional development.

OPI credits will be available and many school districts will allow trade days (please check with your district). Please see the link below for registration information.

Schedule can be found here:

Submitted by Erin Regele, Billings West High School Library


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By Sarah Creech, Co-Editor of FOCUS

First and foremost, a big thank you to Alice Ebi Kestler for her two years of hard work on the MLA FOCUS. Second, a warm welcome to the new FOCUS co-editor Star Bradley. Star works at the Montana State University Library as a Reference and Research Librarian. She has lots of experience with blogs and newsletters, all of which she will lend to the MLA FOCUS! I'm looking forward to getting to know her and working with her to make FOCUS everything it can be for Montana librarians, library staff, and library supporters.

(Photo of Star Bradley by Kelly Gorham)

This issue of FOCUS features some survey responses from library board members across Montana. These individuals donate their time and efforts in leading a library to success and through muddy waters like book and program challenges. Their consistency is important, and communities rely on them to act as a steering committee for the libraries they turn to for information, access, programs, and materials. Not only do a lot of them have “day jobs,” they volunteer with multiple projects and organizations whose work they feel passionate about. This reflects how I feel about volunteering: everyone has something they can give to their community, even if it’s only time. Examples of the time I donate: one hour per week to spend with a child in need of some encouragement through the Bozeman Thrive’s Child Advancement Project (CAP), and attending board meetings for the Belgrade Community Coalition to hear what projects they are working on and to offer input from someone who would use the services they are working hard to provide. This year they’re concentrating on developing a trail system throughout Belgrade and I’m already looking forward to using said system.

My suggestion to anyone interested in becoming more active in their community is to look at your values and determine what is important to you. Then reach out to community based or nationally based organizations that match your interests and values. Groups will usually be able to tell you what they are in need of and how you can help either with project assistance, administrative work, canvassing neighborhoods to get the word out about what they do, handing water out at fun runs, and more. Websites like,, and help match people to volunteer opportunities in their physical area and in their area of interest and expertise.

All this to say thank you to those that sit on library boards of trustees in Montana, and to Montana Library Association officers, for stepping up and giving back to a cause that’s important to you. So many things would not be possible without strength in numbers of volunteers.


Kudos for a fabulous MLA Conference in Helena this year!

Many thanks to Stephan Licitra and Mary Ann George,

MLA Conference planners co-chairs, 2019, the hard work that made this year’s conference a huge success! Great programs, great speakers and great food!

2019 MLA Conference Presentations

For those interested or curious, the MLA webmaster has created a section on the 2019 Conference webpage for those presentations sent in from conference speakers. Please go to and find all the Power Point, handouts and other pertinent information that was submitted for posting.

Submitted by Debbi Kramer, Executive Director

Over $4,300 Raised for Cates Scholarships at the 2019 MLA Conference

You all are TERRIFIC! Thanks to your kind contributions to the Cates Silent Auction, your enthusiastic purchase of tickets for the auction and for the Cates fundraising event, Cow Tipping Comedy, as well as your generous "tips to the cow" at the event, we raised over $4,300 for Cates Scholarships at the 2019 MLA Conference! Thank you all for your support of our Cates Scholarships for Montana librarians. Because of you, we can continue to support the educational efforts of our finest and brightest. Montana librarians are just the best! Why wouldn't we want more?!

Check out some photos from the Cates event and auction here:

If you notice any errors on the list of Cates Silent Auction Contributors and Winners, please let me know.

Thank you, again, for your generous support of MLA's Cates Scholarships for librarians!

The Cates Committee

Lisa Mecklenberg Jackson, Chair

Cates Silent Auction Contributors and Winners 2019

All the Pretty Things – Butte Public Library. WINNER: Paulette Parpart

Photo of Canada Geese – Dale Alger. WINNER: Jim Semmelroth

Bunny Basket – Butte Public Library. WINNER: Katie Biehl

Handmade Quilt – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Andrea Eckerson

Photo of Canada Geese in Flight – Dale Alger. WINNER: Janeen Brookie

Pendleton Basket – Stone Child College Library. WINNER: Nancy Schmidt

Flathead High School Basket – Flathead High School Library. WINNER: Marje Doyle

Needlework Bag – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Arthur Vogele

From the Kitchens of MPL – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Jan Zauha

Stationary Set – Mary Ann George. WINNER: Florence Evans

For the Baby – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Nancy Royan

Ceramic Plaque – Andree Anderberg, Hawthorne Elementary Lib. WINNER: Kelly Reisig

Handmade in Helena Basket – Montana State Library. WINNER: Janeen Brookie

Garden Basket. WINNER: Janell Haback

Book-filled Bag – Meagher County Library. WINNER: Amanda Allpress

Polish Pottery – Susan Matter, Flathead Community College Lib. WINNER: Andrea Hayes

Comfort Basket – Rachel Rawn. WINNER: Christina Koch

Puzzling Tea Basket – Bozeman Public Library. WINNER: Tory Haagenson

Handmade Quilt – Cheri Bergeron. WINNER: Matt Beckstrom

Huckleberry Basket – Bozeman Public Library. WINNER: Dale Alger

Ceramic Plaque – Andree Anderberg, Hawthorne Elementary Lib. WINNER: Lisa Mecklenberg Jackson

Sidecar/Chocolate Basket – Bozeman Public Library. WINNER: Elizabeth Jonkel

Task-it Basket – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Janeen Brookie

Mystery Basket – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Jodi Smiley

Magazines/Books Basket – Montana Historical Society. WINNER: Ben Chiewphasa

A Day in the Woods Basket – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Janeen Brookie

Bookchat Bag – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Kim Denny

Starbuck’s Mug and Gift Certificate – Suzanne Reymer. WINNER: Pam Henley

Oh My Word Bag – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Dixie Feller

Romance Basket – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Kay Randall

MT Book Award Basket – MT Book Award Committee. WINNER: Ben Chiewphasa

Wine Basket – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Matt Beckstrom

Cat-a-licious Basket – Dillon Public Library. WINNER: Jan Zauha

Gardening Baskets – Wedsworth Memorial Library. WINNER: Jennie Stapp

Stationary Set – Mary Ann George. WINNER: Honore Bray

Gardening Basket – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Stephan Licitra

Spa Basket – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Honore Bray

Handmade Pillow/Bowl – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Sheri Harvey

Supply Basket – Sarah Creech. WINNER: Shawn Kenelty, Usbourne Books

Birdhouse (LC) – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Kenny Ketner

BBQ Basket – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Honore Bray

Birdhouse (Dewey) – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Kenny Ketner

MT Book Award Basket – MT Book Award Committee. WINNER: Mary Ann George

Welcome to the Garden Basket – Golden Plains Library Federation. WINNER: Florence Evans

Assorted Goodies Basket – Drummond School and Public Library. WINNER: Kelly Reisig

Hand-felted Wool Bag – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Vaun Stevens

Wine and Books Basket. WINNER: Jim Kammerer

Librarian Comfort Basket – MLA PR & Committee. WINNER: Nancy Schmidt

Stationary Set – Mary Ann George. WINNER: Jim Semmelroth

Book and Book Talk – Cherie Heser. WINNER: Della Dubbe

Through the Grapevine Wine Basket – Cates Committee. WINNER: Andrea Eckerson

Blackfeet Comfort Basket – Aaron LaFromboise. WINNER: Amy Marchwick

Cataloging Basket – Missoula Public Library. WINNER: Val Landeraaer

Ceramic Plaque – Andree Anderberg, Hawthorne Elementary Lib. WINNER: Jim Semmelroth

(Photos below by Lisa Mecklenberg Jackson)

Planners Needed for 2020 Annual MLA Conference

The 2020 annual MLA conference is scheduled for April 1 – 4, 2020 at the Downtown Holiday Inn in beautiful Missoula. MLA is looking for a steering committee to help organize the conference. The conference planners, Doug and Deb do the majority of the hard lifting, but we need librarians, trustees, Friends members, retired members or foundation members to be our committee in the Missoula area. You do not need to be located in Missoula. Your duties include selecting the programs to be presented at the conference, helping arrange any tours to be offered, filling committees with volunteers to help at the registration table and other areas during the conference, help solicit donations from area businesses, select the speaker gifts and other assorted tasks that may arise. Ideally the steering committee will have a member from the Academic Special Library, Public Library and School Library Divisions. Please contact Deb Kramer if you are interested in helping plan the 2020 annual conference or have any questions or concerns. Deb will gladly answer all your questions and promises the task is not terribly time consuming and your help will be greatly appreciated by all members of MLA. Please go to the MLA website: for a full rundown of obligations.

Contact Deb if you're interested in acting as a 2020 Annual MLA Conference Planner:

Debbi Kramer, Executive Director

Montana Library Association, Inc.

5176 N. Valle Dorado

Kingman, AZ 86409

Cell: 406-579-3121



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Lewis & Clark Library Joins the Montana Shared Catalog

Submitted by Patricia Spencer, Lewis & Clark Library

The Lewis & Clark Library is excited to announce that it is now a member of the Montana Shared Catalog, meaning patrons have access to a sophisticated and easy-to-use online catalog that includes over 3 million items.

Represented by 186 libraries in 104 Montana communities, the Montana Shared Catalog provides easy access to library collections for over half of Montana’s citizens. “This is a great way for us to provide more resources and improve ease of use for our patrons,” explained Lewis & Clark Library Director John Finn.

The Montana Shared Catalog will replace the Library’s current catalog in early May. The Library will be closed to the public on Monday and Tuesday May 6 and 7 for training and migration of records from one system to the other. The Library will be open, and the catalog will “go live” on Wednesday May 8. Library Staff and staff of the Montana Shared Catalog will be available to assist patrons with questions.

Using the Montana Shared Catalog, library patrons can search for books, movies, audiobooks, games, graphic novels, and more. Patrons can now better manage their library accounts online, including managing their holds more efficiently than is currently possible. Library patrons can also search other library collections if the local library does not have the item they need. “In essence, our patrons will be able to access many library collections in addition to our collection,” stated Finn.

Lewis and Clark County residents are encouraged to visit the Lewis & Clark Library’s webpage at or in person on May 8 to check out the Montana Shared Catalog. “Patrons will notice a change in how the catalog looks as well as some great new functions,” explained Finn.

The Montana Shared Catalog, established in 2002, is funded in part by the Montana State Library, a government agency. The mission of the Montana State Library is to help all organizations, communities, and Montanans thrive through excellent library resources and services. In addition to centralized system administration and library staff support, the Montana Shared Catalog maintains a shared online public access catalog and facilitates sharing of library materials across Montana from Libby to Glendive. For more information, visit

Final 2019 Legislative Update from MT's 66th Session

Submitted by Jennie Stapp, MT State Librarian

On the afternoon of April 25, 2019 the Legislature adjourned sine die.

House Bill 2 contains statewide present law adjustments that will allow us to fill about five FTE and $250,000 in OTO funding to serve as a bridge while the Legislature studies future funding opportunities. NG 911 GIS funding did not come to fruition this session.

Laws governing state aid for public libraries were not touched this session so, thankfully, libraries that meet public library standards will again receive state aid beginning in FY 20.

Congratulations to MLA and the Government Affairs committee, under the leadership of John Finn and Nanette Gilbertson, for a successful session.

I want to thank our fantastic leadership team, Tracy, Evan, Bryce, and Malissa for their hard work and steady leadership over these past many months. I also want to give a special shout out to Malissa for surviving her first session with us. It was not easy coming into her position just three months before the start of the session and yet she effectively handled each question and concern that came her way with wisdom I so appreciate.

And a special note for our friends at the Historical Society. The Legislature finally passed funding to build the new Heritage Center.

I look forward to a busy interim when we work hard to help the Legislature find new funding sources for the State Library.

[ Jennie can be reached at ]

Lewis & Clark Library Unveils New Logo

Submitted by Patricia Spencer, Lewis & Clark Library

Lewis & Clark Library Director John Finn unveiled the Library’s new logo on April 24, 2019. The new logo is a combination of the Library’s past combined with the vision for the future. “We worked really hard to capture the library’s rich history while looking forward to another century of service to the residents of Lewis and Clark County.

Working with Luke Duran, Element L Design, Library staff sought to select a logo that was mindful of the Library’s long tradition of serving Lewis and Clark County, “the bison head is a very important part of our logo’s history and staff felt very strongly that we incorporate it into the new design,” explained Finn. Duran explains the importance of the bison in the new logo, “A bison has long served as the Library’s unofficial mascot, and is an important visual element of the brand. In the new logo, a front facing bison head is prominently featured, framed within a crest.”

In 2018, Lewis & Clark Library put forth a temporary one-year identity that celebrated the Library’s 150th anniversary. The Library now has a new logo and visual identity to move forward in to the next 150 years. Finn explains that “the Lewis & Clark Library prides itself on being adaptive to new technologies, trends, and resources and this new logo encapsulates that. We will always strive to provide the best possible library services to our community.”

The new logo is featured on the Library’s website, and the Library will be switching over all print materials and other items to the new logo in the coming months.

Montana Library Trustees Send in Their Thoughts!

FOCUS Co-Editors sent a survey on WIRED for trustees to tell us a little more about themselves. We received six responses and here are some highlights!

Nancy Nile, a trustee for the past 6 months at the Rosebud County Public Library, enjoys helping make the library great for the community. She is trying to help get the word out about all of the great programs the library offers.

Karen Ferris, a trustee at the Choteau-Teton County Library for a year and a half, has enjoyed helping educate new board members. In her free time she volunteers in the community, reads, and crafts.

Patsy Buck wants to acknowledge how hard the librarian at Drummond School and Community Library works! Patsy has been a board member for two years.

Marsha Sultz is proud of the way the ImagineIF board handled a recent challenge to a book and how supportive the community was in keeping the book in the collection. In a similar vein, she states that the staff is incredibly talented and innovative. They are so smoothly successful, the public doesn't see all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Jean Harman, a trustee for the past five years at Dutton Public Library, enjoys the friendships with the library staff (Hi Cheri!), and noted that her work as a librarian made her want to serve on the board upon retirement.

Finally, Michael Morton, a trustee at ImagineIF Libraries is most proud of purchasing new facilities for one of the branch libraries and the library's emphasis on early literacy. One of the most enjoyable parts of acting as a trustee for the past nine years is working with the fellow trustees.


Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) 2019 Teen Video Challenge

Do the teens in your library like to make videos? Encourage them to participate in the Collaborative Summer Library Program 2019 Teen Video Challenge this summer!

This year's Teen Video Challenge will be a NATIONAL contest and five winners will be chosen to receive a $200 cash prize plus $50 worth of summer reading materials for their library. *New* this year, the challenge will run through the summer, so you can hold video making programs in June and July. Videos can be submitted June 1-August 2, 2019. These 60 second-or-less videos should be their interpretation of the 2019 slogan "A Universe of Stories." For more information, including complete contest rules, visit this page of the CSLP website:

Thanks for considering this video challenge. . . Montana libraries are not well-represented and if you have some teens who might like to create a SHORT video, please encourage them!!

Cindy Christin, CSLP Rep

ZOHO for Montana State Library Consultants

Submitted by Pam Henley, Montana State Library Consultant

The Statewide Consulting team is excited to announce a new way to contact us! You can now submit a ticket through the ZOHO system already being used by the MSC and ASPeN. Select Library Consultants as the department, then choose from a list of possible categories. Also choose your Federation so the request can be received by the appropriate consultant. Using this system will allow us to gather data on commonly asked questions and more accurately report consulting activity. As we develop a knowledge base, ZOHO will even suggest possible documents that might answer your question.

Does this replace phone calls and email questions? No -we still want to hear from you! But we think a more centralized system will improve our service. So give it a try the next time you have a question.

Look for the Submit a Ticket link on the consulting page ( or bookmark the MSL ZOHO page: (Click on “Tickets” to the right)

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

4th Annual Edible Book Festival at Butte-Silver Bow Public Library Featured in Montana Standard

DeHanza Kwong, Reference Librarian at Butte-Silver Bow Public Library, shared the news over the WIRED list serve that their 4th Annual Edible Book Festival received front page coverage in the April 26, 2019 edition of the Butte Montana Standard. The link below will take you to the article. Be sure to see the photo of the cake made to look like the book cover of one of the featured books. Congratulations to Butte-Silverbow!

Check out the Montana Standard website for more information.

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Congratulations to our newly elected MLA Officers - Terms Started June 1!

New MLA School Division Co-Chair

Photo of Brittany Alberson by Rachel Schillreff.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Angela Archuleta for the time she put in the last two years as co-chair of the School Library Division of MLA. We really appreciate all of her hard work.

Now to introduce our newly elected co-chair Brittany Alberson. Brittany has worked as a teacher-librarian at Bozeman High School for the past 2 years. Prior to moving to the Gallatin Valley, she was a librarian at West High and Senior High in Billings for 5 years. She has also served on the MLA Awards Committee since 2015. Brittany spends her "free time" reading (obviously), watching movies, gardening, baking, writing, refereeing between her cat, Seven, and her dog, Ellie, and hanging out with her partner, Tyler.

Submitted by Erin Regele, Billings West High School Library

2019 Young Reader’s Choice Award (YRCA) Winners Announced

On May 2 Jocie Wilson, YRCA Chair, announced the 2019 Young Reader’s Choice Award winners. 23,000 young reader's voted this year.

For more information and a full breakdown of votes contact Jocie Wilson

Submitted by LouAnne Krantz, Polson Middle School


Deadline for Certifying Library Standards is July 15, 2019

Submitted by Suzanne Reymer, Montana State Library

This year each library in Montana will be reviewing and certifying that your library is in compliance with the essential library standards via ASPeN. To do so, first log into your ASPeN account. To access ASPeN go to the MSL home page and click on ASPeN: The New Library Directory in the cube marked Services to Libraries and login.

If your library does not have an ASPeN account yet, set one up according to the directions in ASPeN. Click on the large yellow question mark on the ASPeN home page for helpful information on how to login and set up user accounts. Follow links to the Knowledge Base on ASPeN. If the information there does not help or you get stuck along the way, open up a help ticket.

Once in your ASPeN account click on ASPeN Admin from the right side navigation menu. On the admin page, scroll down under Services until you see 2019 Public Library Standards. Click on that link. It will take you into the Standards section where you will mark your library's compliance with each of the standards.

If your library is not in compliance with one or more of the standards, you will need to apply for a deferral. We can help you with that as well.

If you have any questions about the standards themselves or whether or not your library is in compliance, feel free to reach out to one of your Consulting Librarians Suzanne, Pam or Tracy.

To view the standards outside of ASPeN find them on the MSL website:

Finally, your Library Board Chair will have to sign off in ASPeN on your compliance with the standards. That means that they will need an ASPeN account as well. If they are listed in ASPeN as Board Chair, it's just a matter of setting up an account. If your Board has changed and needs to be updated, the section in the ASPeN Knowledge Base on Managing Your Organization will guide you or you can reach out to one of your Consulting Librarians for assistance with this task. It is probably best not to leave the matter of your Board Chair's ASPeN access until the last minute.

The deadline for completion of the standards is July 15, 2019.

New Content on Montana Historical Society Site

The Montana Historical Society is pleased to announce that new content is available to search and browse on the web site MONTANA NEWSPAPERS.

  • The Thompson-Hickman Madison County Library in Virginia City finished an impressive fund raising campaign, and now The Madisonian (1873-1915), Madisonian Times (1915-1920) and The Madisonian (1920-1924) are available. By the end of the summer this ongoing project will make available the whole run from 1873-1959, except for 1895-1896 which are currently available on Chronicling America.

  • The Fallon County Library has continued the digitization of the Fallon County Times adding 2014-2016 to the collection.

  • The Carter County Museum has made it possible to digitize The Ekalaka Eagle (1917-1920), The Ekalaka Eagle and Beaver Valley Press (1920-1922), and The Ekalaka Eagle (1923-1937). The Ekalaka Eagle from 1909-1916 is available on Chronicling America. (Truthfully, the Ekalaka Eagle is my favorite newspaper title to say. Go ahead and try it. I don’t think it’s possible to say without smiling and possibly turning it into a dance chant.)

MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, a service of the Montana Historical Society, is freely accessible to all Internet users; no subscriptions or fees are required. To learn about having your local newspaper digitized, contact us at

Natasha Hollenbach
Digital Projects Librarian
Montana Historical Society


Submissions Open for the August 2019 Issue!

REMINDER: The submission deadline for the August newsletter is July 20. Please email your library news, micro-reviews & photos (with captions & attributions) to Thank You!


Montana Library FOCUS

[ISSN 1076-352X]

The FOCUS is an official publication of the Montana Library Association (MLA), and is published in collaboration with the members which it serves. You can look for new issues six times a year: in February, April, June, August, October, and December. With an online readership of over 500, the newsletter works to reflect, inspire, and give voice to the vibrant communities that exist in and around Montana’s libraries.

The FOCUS welcomes your input! To submit feedback, articles, reviews, inquiries, and ideas—or to place an ad or provide sponsorship—please contact the editorial staff directly:

Alice Ebi Kestler (Co-Editor)

Thank you, Alice, for your two years as co-editor of FOCUS, first with Kend Mullison and then with Sarah Creech. Your time and efforts have not gone unnoticed.

If you want to reach out to Alice, Collection Services Librarian at ImagineIF Libraries, you can find her at the contact information below.