By Colin Fanning

How to stay safe during a Volcano

The best way to stay safe during a Volcano is to have a safety kit prepared with food , water ,first aid kit , flash light , mask and a battery operated radio. Also you should follow instruction from local news stations.

How will Volcanoes effect you

Yes Volcanoes will be very destructive, but because of lava flow creates beautiful landscape which will bring in more tourist and the more tourist the more jobs there would be and in the long run you and your family will make more money.

You should know

  1. Don't under estimate a volcano unless it is considers inactive
  2. Lava may not seem to be flowing tortes you but it still can change paths
  3. Volcanic lava moves very slow which is good when if you need to getting away

The Hawaiian volcanoes

The Hawaiian volcanoes are made of 5 Kilauea, Mauma Loa, Hualalai, Lo'ihi, Haleakala on Hawaii but Kilauea Mauma Loa and Hualalai are the three biggest among the 5 and have been erupting for 200 years.