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The USS Arizona


The uss Arizona was built by the american navy in 1910. It was a sixteen million dollar battle ship. On june 19 1915 the uss Arizona was launched into battle. The ship is 184 feet long.

In december 7, 1941 the japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. There was 1,117 sailors on board the uss Arizona. 75 of those sailors died that day. The uss Arizona suffered from 3 near misses and 4 direct hits. The bombs that hit the ship was 800kg. They were dropped at high altitudes. Unlike the other ships attacked that day the uss Arizona was the only ship that could not be salvaged.

Alfred pries was the man who designed the memorial after the attack. The memorial cost $500,000 to build. President D Wight D Eisenhower approved the building of the memorial. The ship was built to represent those who lost there lives at pearl harbor. The tour is about 75 minutes long. The ships midship structure was removed and pilings were driven beyond the sides of the ship to help support the structure.

Over the years the uss arizona due to natural exposure to weather salt water spray and foot traffic of over 50 million people.