What Up Shawty

Want A Peace Of Me?

What I need

1. Id like a girl who can make me laugh, one with a good sense of humor that can see the happy side in almost everything.

2. An athletic girl who doesn't mind getting dirty out on the field.

3. Someone who's real with herself, she stays herself no matter what.

4. A girl with similar hobbies.

5. Someone who's loyal, faithful, and stands by me.

5. A girl who can make me fall in love with her over and over again.

Turn Offs

1. Don't want no smoker, Id like for you to live as long a life as you can with me

2. Someone who makes fun of people at the wrong time/bully

3. Someone who stirring up drama where ever she goes

4. Fake nails and too much makeup,

5. Playing dumb

A dream date for me would be a day at the amusement park. First we would walk around checking the little games and Id win her a big stuffed animal, and she would win me one too because id also want one. After that we would hit up the food stands and order the greasiest, fattest foods we could get. Then we'd hit the roller coasters and bet on who'll be able to go the longest keeping all the food down. And finally, end the date with a ride on the Ferris wheel and seal the date with a kiss at the highest point.

Student Quote: To love or not to love, that is the real question

Famous Quote: Love isn't something you find, Its something that finds you -Loretta