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Our services provide dog owners with solutions to common dog behavioral issues!
No more pulling on the leash. No more lunging and barking when another dog passes by. They will actually come when you call!!!
We offer personalized training programs and come to you to work in your environment with your daily challenges.

Our awesome services!

Dog Obedience Training
Obedience training is designed to enforce your leadership role. It will create a stronger bond with your dog as well as increase their safety and trust with you. You will learn how to communicate with your dog and work as a team.
Your dog will learn how to walk on a leash, first time response to commands and control positions to keep them safe.

Behavioral Therapy

This is a customized training program to deal with the tougher issues such as fearfulness, destructive behaviors and aggression.

Puppy Classes

It is always best to start right from the beginning!

Our puppy classes teach everything from house training to stopping chewing to socialization.

Dog Walking

Sometimes life gets busy and it's not fair for Fido to suffer. A good dog is a tired dog! If you don't have the time, we do!

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