City Representatives 1st meeting

Dragii mei!!!

It was very nice to see you this Sunday. Thank you a lot for coming.

We had fun, but there is the work part as well. I have seen already some of you started doing stuff from things we discussed and it looks really good.

I also know that you didn't remember everything I said, so here are the main points:

1. FLEX promotion

There is a contest going on.

What we want from you?
- to spread around in your community (school, youth clubs, city hall, city center, volunteer centers, etc) FLEX posters and TAKE PICTURES OF YOU DOING IT;

- held presentations about FLEX in your communities and nearby suburbs and TAKE PICTURES OF YOU DOING IT;

- go to centers for people with disabilities (we need them to apply as well);

- be active Online.

- LIKE and SHARE posts you see on FLEX Alumni Moldova and FLEX Moldova facebook pages.

- Follow FLEX Alumni Moldova on instagram and twitter (if you use them);

- post pictures of you from USA and invite people to apply and register for FLEX at

- use hasgtags #FLEXAlumni #FLEXprogram #CRMoldova #applyforFLEX

- make people apply;

- be Inspirational.

2. Upcoming events for September

September 20th – Anenii Noi Recruitmen 10:00 a.m.

September 20th - Tirgul de Cariere 10:00-19:00 Tirgul de Cariere at Palatul National

September 21st – Varnita Recruitment 10:00 a.m.

September 21st – Peace Day – there is a flashmob in Chisinau city center organized by CNTM so we can join, for those not from Chisinau let me know if you plan anything :)

September 22nd – Cimislia Recruitment

September 23rd – Comrat, Taraclia promotion

September 23rd – Civic FEST at Summit Events

September 24th – FLEX informational event Cahul

September 26th – Leova Recruitment

September 26th – Reception at Ambassador's place

September 27th – Cantemir Recruitment

September 27th – FLEX Appreciation Day (see details below)

September 28th – Cahul Recruitment

September 29th – Taraclia Recruitment

September 30th – Comrat Recruitment

September 30th – Activities Report Deadline (see details below)

September 30th – Activity Plan Deadline (see details below)

3. FLEX Appreciation day – September 27th

This is really a big deal for us. We have to do more things regarding this day.

- please send me some short memorable videos(better good quality) of you in the USA so you can be part of a big international FLEX video;

- post on social media anything related to FLEX Appreciation (a picture of you holding a poster saying THANK YOU FLEX; a picture of you riding a horse can be Thank you for new experience; Thank you Hdad for Benny&Jerry chocolate ice cream) and use hastags #FLEXAppreciationDay #ThankYouFLEX #FLEXAlumni #FLEXprogram and here you can combine it with the promotional thing as well #applyforFLEX

- Also I would like to make a nice video from Moldova

- I plan to organise a meeting with those from Chisinau in the evening at Valea Morilor

*Please let me know what ideas you have and let's think what can be done by us here :)

4. October plans

You know that you are required to organize activities, but I want you to do something you like and have fun. As I told at the meeting we are ding it because we want to share with others what we know and get involved.

In October FLEX promotion contest continues.

At the end of the month you'll get to know the winners and prizes. Also we will have the final list of CRs who successfully passed the probation period and we will have an amazing conference!!!

But before that by September 30th I need to see your plans of activities for October.

5. Prizes There are good possibilities to get some prizes for being very active, being involved in activities we organize, winning contests and becoming CR of the month.

6. Budgeting

In case you know you need financial support for your events please include it in your plans so we can discuss how we can work on it. Reimbursement of money is done according to receipts you have.

- on the receipt has to be written what was bought

- separate receipts for stationary and refreshments

- don't buy alcohol and T-shirt :D

7. Reporting

Rule #1: If there is no picture, there is no event!!!

Your report should consist of

- activities organized by you;

- activities organized by smbd else you took part of;

- success stories (of FLEX Alumni of different generations, you as well);

When you report use the rule of 5W and 1H

WHO organized the event?

WHEN did it take place?

WHERE did it take place?

WHY was the event organized?

WHAT media coverage was there? (all the sources where the vent was mentioned

HOW many people where there?

Attach pictures in good (preferable) quality. Name them MoldovaCityEventname (ex: MoldovaChisinauCRmeeting)

That's it. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me know in case you have questions (I know there should be plenty)

I am very excited to have you all as City Representatives. You are the best from the best. Looking forward working with you.

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