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News Bulletin Week 2

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Milton School has been working hard over the last year with pupils to enrich their learning with working towards awards in Eco-Schools and Food For Life. We have just received some brilliant news that we have been awarded a Silver in Eco-Schools and a Bronze in Food For Life. (HOORAY)

In Eco-Schools this has been fantastic for our pupils and school in showing our commitment to improving the environment of both the school and local community while at the same time having a life-long positive impact on the lives of young people and their families.

The Food For Life Bronze award is for our healthy and climate-friendly food culture. Our school is working with Food For Life to transform the school's food culture and local community, by connecting the pupils with climate-friendly and healthy food.

Milton School would like to thank everyone who has contributed to achieving these amazing awards and we are excited about the next steps in our Eco-School and Food For Life journey. This is only the beginning so keep updated with our progress, tips and ideas on Twitter @EcoschoolM @FflMilton

A huge THANK YOU & WELL DONE to everyone

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We are super proud of all the work that is being handed in. The table below show all the House points that are still being handed out which is brilliant!

Please follow @MissRMcCabe or @school_milton on twitter and don't forget to send in your excellent work so we can give you Epraise points and show off the fantastic work.

Staff will also set little activities and competitions for bonus epraise points so keep an eye out.

Thank you x

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Cook are currently in the lead with 15,228 points, Kingsley are catching up on 14,450 points with Drake catching up with 13,240.

For any questions please email

House Teams

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Hello Team Cook,

Hope you're all well and staying safe at home!!

This week we want to see all your hard work you've been doing. So please send some pictures in of what you've been up to. We'd love to see lots of fantastic Team Cook posters still. Mr Brown did a fantastic poster!

This week we're setting you and extra challenge. Now that we're really into spring. Go out into your gardens or look out of your window and see how many different green plants you can see. Count them up and tell us all about them. We'll give you five House points if you can find five different things that a green. For an extra five points see if you can collect as many green things from your garden and make a poster or spell out Team Cook with them.

Look after yourselves and others around you. Remember to stay safe and stay home.

Missing you all,

Miss Hale, Mr Brown and Mr Tomlinson

Make sure to tag @school_milton

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Hello Team Drake!

Hope you are all keeping safe and well. There are some House Hearts on the school twitter page (@school_milton) to colour in and stick in your windows if you want to show your school spirit while you’re at home. You’ve all been working hard this week but our Drake Captain of the Week is Scott Year 4 who has been finding lots of blue items at home and showing us his keepy up skills. Well done Scott! Don’t forget to keep us up to date with how you’re doing on Twitter. Miss you all, from Mr Carr & Mrs Roberts x

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Hi Kingsley Crusaders

How are you all doing? you are all doing amazing work, myself and Mr Earl are so proud of you.

This week we would like you to do a little task mums and dads and carers can help, we would like you to make as many words as you can from theses two words


when you have done this . you can put them on Milton school twitter page , also every entry will get house points and bonus points too for lots of words made,

we miss you all and cant wait for us all to be back at school together.

Keep safe keep smiling and keep being amazing. love Mrs Storey and Mr Earl xxx

Make sure to tag us in your twitter post @school_milton

Keep up the great work.

Mrs Storey and Mr Earl

Look what #TeamMilton have been up to

Don't forget to share with us on Twitter for extra house points @school_milton

Year 3

Y3 have been keeping us updated with all the fun and exciting activities they have been completing during this time. It all looks so much fun, such big smiles from everyone!

Year 6

Some brilliant Y6 work to celebrate the Queens Birthday ! Well done & Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth

Year 9

Hi This week Y9 have been researching Myth and Legend stories.

They have been making an alphabet of weird and wonderful mythical creatures.

Myths & Legends What is the diffrence?

In my opinion the difference between a Myth and a Legend is that a Legend is based on real-life characters like king Arthur and Myths are supposed to explain things like Typhon the Giant Zeus killing monster which Zeus drops a mountin on mount Etna in Greek mythology. What is a Myth?

There are a lot of mythology's in the world and a lot of Myths. the most famous of these it the Greek Mythology or Hellenism as it was called. A Myth is the way most people used to explain the more unnatural things in the world or just explaining things in general like the myth of Io the women that Zeus turned into a cow to yo seduce and if she didn't exist there would be no Perseus or Dionysus meaning no wine. But also in the myth of Io Hermes killed Argus Panoptes the 100 eyed giant and Hera immortalised him by putting his eyes on Peacocks.

What is a Legend?

A Legend is a traditional story sometimes that has historical elaments sprinkeled into it. Such as the legend of King Arthur.There are other Legends as well like Robin Hood we know that there was a sir Robin Loxley. So Legends are things with historical grounding in them but offten are heavily exaggerated.

So in conclusion Myths have almost no historical grounding whilst Legends are based on historical events. And it can be easy to get the two mixed up. So when reading a old story think to yourself, if it is a Myth or a Legend.

Also a special mention for Harley in Y9 who has BLOWN US AWAY with his mammoth effort on IXL working daily on his English and Maths skills!

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Year 11

Our wonderful pupil Billy has been enhancing his Preparation for Adulthood learning with lots of growing skills and looking after his chickens. In the past we have had some lovely eggs from those chickens! Well Done Billy

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Eco School

This week, week we are going to look at Recycling.

How to make a Recycled Robot:

Recycled robots are a great way for children to create something out of items that would ordinarily go into the recycling box or the landfill.

You will also need: A pair of scissors, sticky tape/ glue

· Have fun making the robots and think about how different sizes and shape work best together.

· Making these Recycled robots can be a great individual or group activity.

· Put all of the empty boxes on the table with the paper tubes, plastic lids, bottle caps, aluminum pie plates, drinks cans and other recycled items. The more shapes and sizes the more variety the recycled robots will have.

· Look at the items on the table and choose the best parts to make a body (Maybe a cereal box)

· Next, experiment with different items on your table that you think are best for legs, arms, body and a head

· Use bottle caps or lids for eyes, and make mouths, noses, and other robot features with other recycled items.

· Join the robots securely with sticky tape, clear packing tape or glue.

· You now have a finished robot.

· Why not have a go at making other creatures such as farm animals, insects or a bird!

For all the latest news on our Eco School campaign please visit our new Eco Schools Twitter page: Eco School Twitter.

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Wellbeing Tip

This weeks Wellbeing Tip is to stay connected. Whether this be on social media, texting or video call try to keep in touch with your family and friends (the chances are they are missing you as much as you miss them). Why not make a schedule to check in with different people on different days, the mornings are a good time to chat to your friends as this can put you in a good mood for the rest of that day


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A little tip from the BIGS team is a simple behaviour/understanding technique Introduce putting hug tokens in a jar for cashing in after isolation. This also works for teenagers who have missed out on some key celebrations or time with grandparent/extended family. By postponing them until autumn or even next year, it reminds them we will not be in lockdown forever.

Also remember when talking about worries It may be easier for young children to draw a picture rather than talk about something scary. Offer them crayons and paper.

IT Tips and Hints

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Mr Earl's IT tips and hints

Mr Earl's top tip.

Vex robotics have released a new piece of software free to use whilst we are off, this is the same software we use for the robotics club in school but with a virtual robot to control. There are tutorials to follow within the website so anyone can take part and learn something new.

To use VEXcode VR, head to and away you go! No sign in, accounts or installation, just navigate to the page.

There are lots of activities built into the website via the Activities link within the website.

There are also YouTube tutorials you can follow;

Next years robotics challenge has been released, school will be taking part again when we come back but here's a preview of the new challenge below;

VEX IQ Challenge Rise Above: 2020 - 2021 Game
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Food For Life

Mrs Storey's Recipe of the week!

Strawberry Fluff

You will need
1 small can of evaporated milk
I packet of sugar free jelly(strawberry )
Make jelly as directed. Leave to cool for 15 minutes.
Put jelly in a bowl with evaporated milk. With a electric whisk , whisk the mixture for about 5 minutes until it doubles in size and gets really fluffy and airy. Leave it for one minute then whisk again for one minute . Then simply spoon into a big serving dish. Or 4 Sunday dishes. Chill for a hour. Then enjoy this yummy desert.

Ways of communicating with school

We have been working on ways for communication to happen between staff and pupils and parents.

We have our Epraise system already setup and you should be getting homework and tasks to do through this. If you require any help in logging in to Epraise please email

We now have class email accounts that go straight to your teacher, this can be used to email questions or photos of work that you have been doing at home. We would love to see what you have been up to too.

The emails for each class are as follows;

Don't forget we have our school twitter account feel free to share any work you have been doing for everyone to see.

If you do have any safeguarding concerns please email