Host a Scentsy Warmer and Wax Party

Scents and Scentsability


Visit my website all about Scentsy

You can visit my website and place and order or email me about hosting a party. If you place an order it will get shipped right to you or your destination of your choice. You can still earn free products if you order more than $150.00.

Scents and Scentsability Warmers and Waxes

Come visit my website or book a Home Scentsy Party with me @ If you want you can Host a party at home with all your friends and family. You can Host a Basket Party or a Book Party what ever why works for you and you earn free products just for having a qualifing party. I take M/C, VISA, CHECKS OR CASH. In person or online you may submit orders just buy calling me @ the above contacts numbers.