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Volume 4 - Week of September 21st

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We're headed to Costa Rica!

Another Spanish teacher and myself are taking students on a language immersion trip to Costa Rica next June. It will be a fun, enriching and memorable experience! If you're interested in pursuing this opportunity for your teen, but missed the meeting last week, please e-mail me for more information.

What we're working on...

We're finishing up with all the new vocabulary in Unit 2 and will take time this week to do some extra practice with the grammar structures we've focused on. We'll also work on writing skills, as well as conversation skills (asking and answering questions). There will be a test Thursday/Friday (depending on class period), over all of the vocabulary and grammar from this School and Social Life unit. It will include speaking, listening, reading and writing components. We will also take a day between now and the test to begin our study of South American countries and literature. This day will give us a breath from our rigorous language focus, and also allow every class to have a review day the same week as their unit test day, so that no one shows up for a test after not having been in this class for four days.

Need a little extra help?

If your teen seems to be needing a little extra help, SMART block is a great time for them to come to my room and get a little more focused attention than in the whole class setting. If they'll just let me know in advance that they are coming, I'm happy to help.

Conjuguemos (re-run)

Many of you are already familiar with http://conjuguemos.com from last year. It is an online practice website that really helps students master their newly learned vocabulary and grammar. They have one exercise for each group of vocabulary. Groups 6-8 and the mixed Review will be due before school starts on student's test day, October 1st or 2nd. It is very helpful to complete each exercise as we learn the new vocabulary.

Ellen Reynolds

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I will respond to your e-mail within one school day.