Tech Time Newsletter

January 5, 2016

Classroom News

  • Kindergartners will review logging in and safely using a website.
  • First grade will begin a How To Snowman project.
  • Second grade will begin Story Jumpers.
  • Third grade will begin TechnoBiz.
  • Fourth grade will begin researching a composer for their music program.
  • Fifth grade will have a short intro to iMovie.
  • All grades will review Computer rules and procedures and practice typing.

10 Tips for Teachers who Struggle with Technology

With technology moving out of the lab and into the classroom, it’s becoming a challenge for some teachers to infuse their teaching with tech tools such as websites, educational games, simulations, iPads, Chromebooks, GAFE, and other geeky devices that used to be the purview of a select group of nerdy teachers. Now, all teachers are expected to have students work, collaborate, research, and publish online. Thanks to Jacqui Murray for this article.

Technology Teacher Training Videos

If you don't read through the above article, one of the best suggestions from this it is to watch and participate in Webinars. The Russell Stannard’s Teacher Training Videos are some of the best I have seen with easy instructions and a variety of technology topics. This link is better than wandering around You Tube to find a "good" video to watch and most of them are about five minutes.
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Thanks to for this wonderful reminder as you start a New Year.