the inquisisitive one


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About Me!

Hi my name is lucy you could say that im the small one but im also the smartest and most adventrous I found Narnia in a old wardrobe. My brother Edmund is going to the white whitches house Mr.Beaver says he is under her spell and is waiting for the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve to sit in the four thrones at cair paravel.

Aslans Name!

When I hear Aslans name it makes me feel like the feeling you get when you wake up and find out its the beginning of summer or Christmas. Im on his side so the good side. My sister Susan feels like music just flowed by her or some delicious smell and my brother Peter feels as if he can do anything and alot more brave and adventoures.

Father Christmas's Gift!

I would love to get something that could help people and protect myself like a sword from Father Christmas because it would really make this all a lot easier to go about in Narnia knowing that i can have something i can save my family and my friends and of course my self Susan got a bow and a quiverfull of arrows and Peter got a sword and a shield.

Favorite Quote!

My favorite quote from Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe is "wrong will be right when Aslan comes in sight..." I like that qoute because it makes me feel that Aslan can come and protect my brother and sister and I from the White Witch and every thing bad in Narnia.

Recommended Websites

You should go to it is amazing and it helped me know how to help people when they get hurt and everything else.

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Lucy is the bravest person in this story on my side she is adventoures inquisitive helpful and very smart

lucy (LWW) ; merry christmas!

my life

This video is my life and experience in Narnia and finding Mr.Tumnus