Alcohol and Speeding

By Mallee


Alcohol slow downs your central nervous system.

Alcohol slows down your central nervous system (CNS).

Alcohol and driving is a bad combination, it affects your skills, mood and behaviour.

Just a couple of drinks can increase your blood alcohol concentration. As your blood alcohol concentration rises, the risk of being in a crash rises too.

Blood alcohol limits.

In NSW there are 3 blood alcohol limits for drivers.

They are Zero, Under 0.02 and under 0.05.

Although the limit that applies to you depends on your licence and the type of vehicle you are driving.

What's your Plan B?


Speeding is still the greatest cause of death and injuries on our roads.

About 818 people were killed and more than 4100 people were injured each year from 2008-2012 from speed related crashes.

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Have your say on speed cameras.

On the Safer Roads NSW website, you can have your say on where you think speed cameras should be installed. Also you can have your say if you think there are issues with speed limits and speed limit signs.
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