Rush on up to Russia, were 'russian' to meet you!


Rush on up to Russia, were 'Russian' to meet you!

Facts about Moscow, Russia:

Climate/Weather: Wondering what to wear?

Some of Russia's northern borders are ALWAYS covered in snow, on the other hand some of Russia's southern borders will only see snow once or twice a year. If your wondering, "Wait do they cancel outdoor events if the weather is bad?". Don't worry! Russia can dictate what events will occur during the holidays, festivals, or parties due to the weather.

So don't worry, and make sure you bring a coat or jacket just in case.

Above is a picture of snow in a northern border of Russia.

Food: Russia has all sorts of SPECTACULAR food!

Restaurants Types: Many of Russia's restaurants have a variety of different styles of food.

Fast food/Eat-outs: Mcdonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and many more.

Drinks/Snacks/Daily Food: Russian vodka, Russian beer, Russian stuffed blini (pancakes), and Russian hot potatoes. Russia also has Vegies, nuts, berries, rye bread, pies, kasha (KAH-SHAH), fish, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions, and turnips.

Yummy! Just can't get any better than Russia, can you?

Culture/History/Art: Russia celebrates almost every holiday, you could say Russia is the life of the party.

New years is celebrated with much vigorin decorations, and Christmas is celebrated with trees and exchanging of new years gifts!

Holidays: Christmas, Easter, Politic National Day, International women's Day, men's Day, The Constitution Day, Victory Day, Day of Labor, and many more.

Art: Russia's culture produced a number of world famous artists, writers, and painters.

Many of Russia's paintings have been European styled since the 19th century.

Come see some of our masterpieces and celebrate some holidays with us!

Language: The basic languages Russians may know.

Many Russians speak non-Slavic languages that belong to another group (or country).

For example some Russians can speak Turkish, Finno-Ugric, Iranian, some Russians can even speak some languages close to Hungarian.

Some of Russia's words were borrowed from western European areas.

Be sure to learn one of those languages, or you may have a unsocial time!

Tourism/Activities/Entertainment: So many oppertunities!

Activities: Follow footsteps of Literary Greats, View masterpieces, Attend a performance.

You could also even space out, improve your spirits, or brush up on your Russian languages, treat yourself to some Russian tea, and participate in Russian traditions.

Tourism: Visit St-Basils Cathedral in Moscow's Red Square. It is truly a beautiful place to visit!

Be sure you do one of those above! :)

Landmarks/Historical Sights: You would like to see something AMAZING, why didn't you say so?!

Stores: GUM which is Moscow's state department store, and Russia even has Izmaybre Market.

We also have a GORGEOUS park, Victory Park.

Museums: State Tretyakov Gallery, Puskin Fine Arts museum.

Other: Red Square, and Old arbat street.

Make sure you visit one!

The End! Bye.