Philosophy, Collin, Dominic, Matt

Mr. Donaldson, Class project.

Philosophy, Important figures and what they accomplished!

-Aristotle classified animals

-Classification, Aristotle classified animals into species based on the ones that have red blood and those who didn't.

-Animals with red blood mostly had vertebrates While the "Bloodless" animals were labeled cephalopods.

-We took this and generated it into "Binomial nomenclature"

-Binomial nomenclature:a system of nomenclature in which each species is given a unique name that consists of a generic and a specific term.

Socratic Method

-Oldest and most powerful approach to teaching & critical thinking skills

-Named for Socrates


-Lived in Athens, Greece @470 B.C.

-The Socratic Method drives the Socratic dialogues of Pluto, which it makes people jump through the intellectual hoop trying to defend the "truth."

Cave of Allegory

-The Cave of Allegory is used by a Greek philosopher, Plato.

-humans are depicted by imprisoning there bodies and by there sight only.

-he examines what would become if people actually embraced philosophy.

-shows how people where disciplined and how we use it in the modern day world in prisons.

-Also we both imprisoned people who violated the law or rules.

- The Cave of Allegory if the prisoner was brought in the cave and then brought out of the cave there disorientation would be more severe.

-Life isn't what they think it is and prisoners don't know much once there out of prison.