Paint it! Eat it! with Sue Hill

An art and gastronomical adventure in Italy!

Your Tutor, Sue Hill

Sue Hill is an accomplished contemporary New Zealand artist, whose vibrant style is rich in graphic imagery. She competently covers a diverse range of media and disciplines, frequently crossing between 2D and 3D.

Sue approaches her themes with an analytical consistency whereby she strips apart the conundrums of everyday scenarios, to expose uncomfortable truths. Images woven with intriguing juxtapositions subtly tinged with humour, are intentionally challenging to the viewer. They invite an immediate response - of unnerving disquiet and nostalgia, or of welcomed laughter and solidarity.

August 10th to 17th 2014

Good enough to eat!

Paint It! Eat It!

The Course

The history of Italy has always been influenced by a gastronomic point of view and this blue heart of Trasimeno, in Italy's green centre is no exception!

The Fagiolina of Trasimeno, the lake fish, the saffron of Citta della Pieve, the glorious wine from Colli del Trasimeno, the truffles, Fungi Porchini, Cinghiale, Padano cheese, Olive Oil! gigantic water melons, glowing aubergines and glistening corn!

The list of foods and wines produced in this area goes on and on!

This 'passion' for wonderful food is evident everywhere from the producers to restaurants and the smallest of shops where you will be captivated by the sheer emotion and beauty of description when purchasing even the smallest item! Even the supermarket displays are a work of art!

So what better place to stage a painting holiday in which your focus will be the marriage of this breathtakingly beautiful landscape with its wonderful food.

Through a series of workshops Sue will introduce you to new mediums and enrich and energize your drawing and painting skills.

With subject matter from seasonal fare and ingredients, to abstracting colours and shapes you will be introduced to the wonderful food of this region as both a subject matter, and a cultural culinary experience. Your workshops will be interspersed with wine-tastings, wonderful food, cookery lessons, excursions and festas!

The week will begin with a couple of 'Make your Mark' workshops when Sue will encourage you to experiment with a wide variety if drawing mediums.

From there the days will spent capturing landscapes, flowers and food using the mediums with which you feel most comfortable.

Towards the end of the week it will be fun to take some of the things we have drawn and look at them in different locations.

As Sue says, it is fascinating how dramatically context can change the narrative- e.g. a glass of wine on a table tells a completely different story to an empty glass left in a paddock or field!


Some delicious foods for inspiration!

Guaranteed to be Relaxing and Fun!

Your beautiful location!

"I was so taken by this splendid vision that I never forgot it and it has become the star or, at least, the setting for most of my paintings, my beautiful Trasimeno."

Gerardo Dottori

Softly rolling hills on the borders of Umbria and Tuscany. The marriage of two magnificent regions on the banks of the serene Lago Trasimeno. Beautiful in itself but also in a strategic location to visit some of the most beautiful art cities of central Italy. Perugia, Assisi, Cortona, Gubbio, Siena, Florence, Arezzo, Orvieto and Rome.

Here are hill-top towns steeped in history, in culture, in art and cuisine.

Here are some of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever witness.

Here are warm, convivial people who still meet in the piazzas to chat and spend time together.

Here are beautiful trails and paths crisscrossing woods and hills with breathtaking views.

Here time stands still .....

You will fall in love and never forget!

Spectacular landscapes

Sagra del Fungo Porcino

Preparing the mushrooms for the festival meal.

Not Just A Painting Holiday

Hi! I'm Judi and my company, 'Not Just a Painting Holiday' organises Art, Culture and Cuisine Holidays in the beautiful Trasimeno area of Italy.

I fell in love with this region when my father brought me here over thirty years ago and now share a house in Castel Rigone with my husband Michael.

It is an exquisite area steeped in history and art, with amazing views, warm and friendly people, delicious food and wine and wonderful festas!

As the name of the company suggests, my holidays provide not just incredible tuition from highly acclaimed artists but also the opportunity to experience the 'real' Italy as I did so many years ago with my father, away from tourists in our quiet, medieval village. You will have the opportunity to enjoy private wine tastings, cookery lessons and excursions. Wonderful walks, amazing sunsets. To dine in my favourite restaurants. To feel 'part' of the community.

I will do my utmost to ensure that your week with us is one that you will remember for ever and you leave having re-kindled and developed your creativity and feeling as passionate about this magical region as I do!

Participents will enjoy the serene exclusive accommodation of 'Relais La Fattoria' in the enchanting medieval village of Castel Rigone, high in the rolling hills above Lake Trasimeno. (see location tab on menu).

In addition to our days spent in and around the village there will be two lovely full-day excursions providing alternative sources of inspiration and the opportunities to experience the culture, art, food and wine.

Your hotel above. Relais la Fattoria in Castel Rigone