Mustang Message

Friday Staff Newsletter, Friday, October 14, 2016

Week 10

We have made it to the 2nd 9 weeks! You all are so awesome and we are all blessed to get to work together each day! Only a few weeks until Thanksgiving Break and they are busy, busy, busy!

Continue to work hard, design great lessons, challenge your students, and have some fun!

Thanks for making this a great week at LSRO!

Coming Up:

10/17 Science Fair Committee Meeting

10/18 Staff Meeting

10/19 Early Release/Parent Teacher Conferences

10/21 Picture Retake Day with Life Touch

10/24-10/28 Is full of activities and fun at LSRO--more to come next week!

Other Reminders:

*Don't forget that your Parent Teacher Conference Schedule is due to my box by the end of the day.

*Also, don't forget to give reminder calls to your parents on Tuesday, to help reduce the number of "no shows".

*Left Over State Fair Tickets: I have a few teacher and student tickets, so let me know if you would like a few! :)

*Don't forget to let the aides know if you will be participating in their Fundraiser Pot Luck! Sounds yummy to me!

*Data meetings next Thursday--to discuss our CFA data for grades 2-6, Kindergarten and first will have regular data meetings!


We are so glad you are back with your LSRO family! Let us know if you need anything! We are excited to all see you today!

First 9 Week's Staff Drawing will be this afternoon! Quick announcement will be made at the very end of the day!

Free Jean Day! Tuesday, October 18!

You may wear jeans on Tuesday, if you wear a brown, orange, yellow, or red top! Let's celebrate the fall season! :)

Donut Day!

Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 7:30am

Work Rooms of Both Buildings!

Stop by and get a yummy donut to start your Wednesday off the right way! :)