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Westport Middle School, Springfield, Missouri 10/1/2018.1

School Year 2018-19

We are already over half way through our first quarter of the school year. It has been a fabulous start. This edition of the "Roaring News" will focus primarily on our school clubs and athletics. End of Quarter is October 12, 2018
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Meet Mrs. Strohm

My name is Mrs. Strohm and I am your assistant principal. I am from Springfield and currently live here with my family. I am married and have two sons, Aaron and Jonah. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, watching Cardinals baseball, beating my husband in fantasy football, and enjoying the outdoors. Prior to being at Westport I was a middle school teacher, girls basketball coach for ten years and a boys swim coach. I still love the game of basketball and an occasional game of knockout when the opportunity presents itself. This is my second year working for Westport and I truly believe this is a great place. I enjoy spending time talking to students and learning from them. I believe they have just as much to teach me as I can teach them. I know I am looking forward to another great year! Go Wildcats!

Attention Parents: BrightBytes Survey

Parents, please take the following survey. We would like to have 100% participation. The 3rd through 12th grade students will be taking the survey at school. Thank you for your assistance in meeting our goal!

Survey Link:


Our Fall Sports are Football and Girls Volleyball

  • Football dates

    • Oct.4

    • Oct.11

    • Oct.18

  • VolleyBall Dates

    • Oct.1

    • Oct.2

    • Oct.3

  • Boys and Girls Cross-country

    • Oct.6

    • Oct.13

  • Later sports

    • Girls Basketball Nov.8-Dec.13

    • Archery Jan.14-Mar.2

Cake Decorating

Have you heard about the Westport Cake Decorating Club? If you haven’t, you’re really missing out. The Westport Cake Decorating Club (WCDC), is working with the Community Partnership of the Ozarks (CPO).

CPO is a non-profit organization with the goal of building strong children, healthy families, and secure neighborhoods. They will be taking pictures and videos of the club to use for promoting their organization.

The WCDC will be meeting every other Thursday in room 130 to decorate delectable treats. For their first meeting on Thursday, Sept. 13, the club decorated cupcakes with frosting they made and colored themselves! YUM!

--PT, 8th grade

Library @ Westport Middle School

Westport Middle School Library

Welcome to a new school year at Westport Middle School. The library is just a few steps away from providing you lots of resources to use for your classes or just to read for fun.

This column will share with you the various types of books we have. It is amazing to think about all the different ways you can be a reader.

Of course you can see the books on the shelves when you come into the library. There is a Fiction side with the Truman Nominee books on special display shelves above those fiction bookcases. Fiction books are very popular with teens, especially the Realistic Fiction genre. We offer Sci Fi, Historical Fiction as well as Fantasy The Nonfiction side has a strip of world flags to remind you this is an area where you read to learn something or find out some type of information. You name a subject area and it is likely you can find a book about it.

Using your chromebooks, you can find eBooks with Mackin. If you have a phone and want to download the free Mackin app, you are welcome to do so. You will need to know your ID number which you use in the lunch room and use to check out a book. Then of course that you are with Westport Middle School. If you want to bookmark the site, the web address is or you can go into the Library Canvas page and find eBooks right there that logs in with Clever. Most of the eBooks purchased for Westport Middle School allow multiple users so the whole school can read the same book at the same time. How cool is that?

The library offers a limited number of Playaways for teachers to check out to use with their students as well as audio books on CDs for both students and teachers. You will need a CD player to get these books to read correctly. Some of the eBooks on Mackin are audio therefore only one person can check them out at a time. When you listen to a book, you are still reading. (Some people think that is cheating but it is not.)

AND...the library has MAKERSPACE supplies that make life better. If you have a clothing repair that a sewing machine can fix, bring it to the library. It is best if the item can be washed ahead of time but sometimes that only makes the tear worst. If you want to solve a problem with a 3D print, bring it to the library. If you need the green screen for a video project, you can find it in the library. So you can see, the library is so much more than books.

Hope to see you in the library soon. Check out something to read.

Love and Logic with Mrs. Eaton

Join us on Mondays, 5:15 to 7:15 for dinner and Love and Logic. Be prepared for lots of laughs as we discuss the fun but stressful world of parenting! Through Parenting the Love and Logic Way training, you will be presented with a menu of fun and effective parenting techniques to use while raising responsible children.

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