HES' Husky Herald

October 8, 2021

Important Dates

Monday, October 11th: No School-Teacher Workshop

October 12th - October 22nd: Health/Wellness (Please remember sneakers!)

October 27th-Eyes on Owls (more below)

October 29th-Halloween Parade

Message from Principal Nicole Pease

Hello Families, I am so thankful for the warm weather the end of this week has brought us. It makes it so lovely to be outside and embrace our outdoor learning spaces. I am so enjoying getting to know the students at HES. Your children are kind, caring, respectful, and full of fun! I feel so fortunate to be able to work here.

Staff are finishing up the fall benchmarking, and we will use this data to create classroom groupings. This information will guide the instruction as teachers work to ensure students are progressing.

We are excitedly looking forward to the end of the month for two events. With the support of the Trustees of the Hancock Trust Funds, we will be bringing Eyes on Owls to our school (see more information below). We are also excitedly planning to have our students participate in the annual Halloween Parade from school to Main Street and back. I cannot wait to take part in this longstanding tradition. I just hope it doesn't snow!

Have a restful weekend! Nicole

Fall Fun!!

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*UPDATED October Lunch Menu*

Please note that there is a new lunch menu starting on October 18th - see below (please follow the current menu posted online until October 18th).
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Kindergarten with Mrs. Goodington

This week kindergarten has been thankful for some sun as we jump into our weather unit. Checking the temperature together each morning is a great way to practice numbers at home! This week we have been working on dividing words into syllables and clapping each part. We are also focused on counting objects and writing a number to match that total. Ask your kindergartener to sing you the little song or the 12 months of the year!
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News from Grade 1 with Miss Harrington

First grade has been busy reading, writing and adding. We practiced reading fluently by rehearsing and preforming short fall plays. The first graders even created their own costumes to match their character. Happy Fall!
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2nd Grade with Mrs. Shultz

In second grade we have been working on restating the question and writing quality sentences. In math, we have learned some new math games to practice our math facts and we have been working on showing our thinking when we solve problems.
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3rd Grade with Mrs. LaCroix

3rd grade has been hard at work learning all about multiplication and division! Students are learning how to create tape diagrams to model their math work. We are also learning about the geography of Hancock and will be creating town maps. Students are learning how to clearly state their opinions with three reasons to support what they believe, a game of "This or That" at home is a great way to practice this skill! The class has just read the Fable "What About Me?" and are learning how to identify the moral or lesson in a story. We will begin reading and analyzing some of Aesop's Fables next week!
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4th Grade with Mrs. Nevins

4th Grade has been very busy with reading and writing this week. We have read a Trickster tale, The Horned Toad Prince by Jackie Mims Hopkins and they have worked really hard to pull out the moral/message of the story, the setting, the characters, and main events of the story. They then used that information to write a summary. In Math, 4th grade students have learned the standard algorithm for subtraction and addition, as well as, using that algorithm to solve word problems using tape diagrams. In Social Studies, students have studied the globe using lines of longitude and latitude to find exact locations on a map and in Science, students have finished their Human Machine Unit.

Eyes on Owls Presentation-October 27th

We are excited to bring a live Owl Program to HES on October 27th. Marcia and Mark Wilson will introduce our students to a variety of Owls. Students will "meet" 6 owls, learn about adaptations, as well as practicing owl calls. Thank you to the Trustees of the Hancock Trust Fund for their support of this wonderful experience!

Teachers and students can purchase copies of Mark's award winning book, Owling, signed and personalized by the author, either at programs or by emailing mailto:eyesonowls@earthlink.net. Books are available for $18.95 (plus tax & shipping if applicable).

"Owling was chosen by the American Association for the Advancement of Science as 2020's Best Science Book for Middle grade Students. However, Owling is a favorite of owl lovers from 3 to 103!"

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Please remember to update Pick Up Patrol

One of the aspects of a new school year that can be challenging is the bus routes. It takes time for new drivers and students to get used to the timing of the pick ups and drop offs. Each day has gone a bit more smoothly.

Please help us by updating any changes in drop off or pick up through Pick Up Patrol. If you have any questions about PickUp Patrol, please reach out to Lindsay Carter in the front office.

Thank you!

Recycling - We need your help!

We are still looking for someone who is willing to help us with recycling! The students and staff at HES are dedicated to recycling. The volunteer would bring recycling to the transfer station every other week. If you are able and willing to help, please reach out to Lindsay Carter or myself for further details. Thank you!

PTO- We need 2 more members!

Our PTO needs you! The PTO has such a postive impact upon our student's school experiences! Please reach out to Lindsay Carter, your child's teacher, or myself if you are interested.

Don't forget to check out the HES website.

This website https://hes.convalsd.net/ as well as the classroom teacher's website will be updated regularly. Please take a peek for important information.

Information about Free Lunch and Milk

Hello all, if your child orders hot lunch, it is free due to Federal Funding. However, if you child only orders a milk, there is a $.50 charge.