TVUSD Staff Update

Friday, November 20, 2020

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A Message from Superintendent McClay

Dear TVUSD Colleagues:

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at Thanksgiving Break! It seems like yesterday when we were told schools needed to close for a few weeks. I know everyone has worked tirelessly for the past nine (yes, nine!) months as we have completely re-invented our entire organization’s way of operating! From teaching and learning to supporting, planning, and communicating, everything has been revamped. And unfortunately, much of it has been re-vamped again and again, as we have needed to respond to ever-changing dynamics, guidance, and mandates.

Needless to say, this is the time of year when we typically take a few moments to reflect on what we are thankful for. I must acknowledge, however, that as difficult as the past nine months have been, there has not been one day when I have not been immensely thankful for our TVUSD family! I know first-hand how hard our administrators have worked since March, and it is nothing short of amazing! You inspire and make me so proud to be serving this community! Likewise, our teachers have transitioned everything to an online venue and have made tremendous efforts to ensure content delivery while ‘connecting’ with students through a computer screen. The TVUSD teaching staff continues to work well beyond expectations to deliver top-notch programs! Support staff have also taken on completely different duties in an effort to support our learning hubs, cohorts, and continued plans for re-opening. The countless hours (including late-night virtual meetings and 2:00 am emails!) have not gone unnoticed. Thank you all!

  • Thank you for keeping students at the forefront of everything we do!
  • Thank you for staying positive amidst this non-stop roller coaster ride!
  • Thank you for remembering that we, in TVUSD, are about people! We care for students, their families, our colleagues, and ourselves.

In the spirit of caring for ourselves, please take this next week to rest, relax, and enjoy your families. While we continue to navigate what the next few months may look like during a pandemic, you will need the ‘recharge.’ Please … unplug, turn off the email notifications, and join me in giving thanks for all that we are so blessed to have. Though it looks very different in 2020-2021, we have remarkable things happening for our students and I have no doubt that we will come out stronger when this ends.

With my deepest respect and appreciation,


Current County Color Tier Status and Reopening Plans

Riverside County remains in the most restrictive purple tier. This means that we cannot legally open schools for in-person instruction until our county moves back to the red tier. We continue to plan and move forward for Prek-12 grades with preparing school campuses for a return to in-person hybrid instruction models within the red tier in January 2021. Any return is contingent upon Riverside County's status, however, we want our campuses, protocols, and processes to be established and ready.

Elementary School Waiver

TVUSD has submitted the waiver for Tk-5 grades to operate within the purple tier. However, the county cannot act on the application until trends improve. Our application has been received and is on file. It can be considered once the county is allowed by the state to return to approving waivers.

We continue to update the Reopening Plan as new information becomes available.

Quick Reminders

Work-Related Medical Restrictions

Questions and/or concerns related to work-related medical restrictions should be directed to Cynthia Root at

Reporting Employee COVID-19 Possible Exposure, Illness, or Concerns

Employees should immediately report any concerns of illness to their immediate supervisor.

For details and protocols, please see Page 15 of the Reopening Plan

Click Here for a Listing of Local Testing Sites and Sources

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Child Care Hubs for TVUSD Employees

It is our intent to put as much daycare in place as is possible for TVUSD staff. We completed the initial survey process with staff and we are now working through the logistical plans and defining what we can reasonably offer. Childcare for TVUSD employees will be offered only when we return to in-person learning and will be for employees whose elementary children return to in-person, on-campus learning.

Temecula Valley Unified School District

Office of Public Information