Puerto Rico's Culture

By: Sierah Davis

Puerto Rico's Background

The capital is San Juan. The current population is 389,714 million. The currency is US dollars. Puerto Rican's are US citizens because they were born on US territory. The only set back they have is that they can not vote for the President etc.

Famous things in Puerto Rico

Baseball is the top sport in Puerto Rico. Baseball was introduced in the 19th century. Puerto Rico also has animals that cant be found anywhere else. A small tropical frog called coqui is only found in puerto rico. The second animal is a bird called El Loro Puertorriqueno.

Foods of Puerto Rico


One dessert is called Polvo De Amour. This means "love Powder". It is made of coconut. Another dish is called Sopon de pollo con arroz. This is called Chicken soup with rice. Mofongo is the unofficial king cuisine of Puerto Rico. it is made of mashed plantain and other varies things for the fillings such as steak, shrimp, pork and seafood. etc

Famous Dances of Puerto Rico

These dances are self expressions of their heritage. One famous dance is called Salsa. It was first created around the 1960's. It has six steps that are danced over eight counts. Another dance is called " Bailes de las Montanas". Its a folkloric dance. It describes the hardworking people who worked on plantations and inland farms for coffee beans. The last dance is called the "Bomba". This expresses how they felt in the 17th century. It shows aggression and rage being released from their condition.

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Famous people of Puerto Rico

Miguel Cotto is one famous person of Puerto Rico. he is famous due to his boxing career. He won world world champion ships in three weight divisions. The next person is Jose Davila. He was a famous poet in in the 1940's. The last person is Narciso Figueroa. He was a musician and composer in 1959.

Intresting Places

El Yunque: it is a tropical mountainous rain forest. it receives more than 200 inches of rain per year. It has 400 different plant species living there.

Castillo De San Cristobal: It is a fort on San Juan. Spain built it to protect against the land base attacks of San Juan.

Arecibo Observatory: it is the world's largest radio telescope. It is 1,000 ft. It has taken a large part in astronomy.

La ceiba de pounce: it is a passive park. it has an historic center piece, which is a tree called the Ceiba that is the foundation of the city.

El Morro: this is national monument. For at least 400 years it has guarded the San Juan bay.