Red Tail Fox

Wisconsin Wild Animals


The red fox has a red coat with white fur.The length of the red fox ranges from 36 to 46 inches. The average weight is between 9 and 13 pounds. The males are larger than the females.

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The red tail fox will eat berries and insects in the spring. In summer, they will eat squirrels, songbirds, and ducks. They'll even clean up after us humans and eat garbage.

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You can find the red fox all over Wisconsin, especially, in the southern, central and western parts of the state.

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The largest population of red fox are found in the western parts of Wisconsin. Overall, red fox populations have been pretty high since 1945.

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The red female fox is pregnant is from 49 to 56 days . The single litter is usually born in late March or early April. The litter size is from one to ten with an average of four to six pups.

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life span

Red Tail Fox live up to 3 years of age.

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Interesting facts

  1. Fox belong to the dog family.
  2. The fox does not chew its food. Instead it uses its teeth to cut the meat into chunks and swallows the chunks whole.
  3. The cub's eyes and ears open after two week old.
  4. Fox climb trees and settle on low branches.
  5. Their eyes glow green when light is shining on to them at night.

Red Fox Mother and Her Baby Kits Playing

By:Amber McArdle