Daniela Davis


Looking for something fun to do that you can also gain from? Sports are the answer. Being in sports means that you have to be competetive and you have to be willing to be challenged. Sports are the answer because they make you stronger, they challenge you, and you get to play with a team.

The Fun Parts

Getting Stronger

Muscles grow when you use them. In sports you are constantly exercising and using your muscles. There many exercises that are exhaust you and make you work. The exercises make you soar in the morning, but that is a sign that you are getting stronger. No pain, no gain.


Sports are very challenging. You have to keep up with everything that sports demand. Being conditioned is a big part of a lot of different sports. Being conditioned means that you are able to run for a long time. You have to eat healthy and keep yourself hydrated. Practicing helps you a lot, but you also have to practice on your own time


A lot of sports let you play on teams. Playing on teams means teamwork. You get to make new friends and play competetivley with them. There is always someone who has your back. On game day you hear your teamates cheering you on as you score the winning point. They are one of the things that makes sports fun.


The funnest thing to gain from is sports. There is no such thing as "boring" in sports. Getting stronger, facing challenges, and teamwork are what make sports a very fun thing to gain.