"Super" Spruce Scoop

Volume 1 Edition 27

April 27, 2015

Focusing on the Future


At our Spruce feeder pattern principals' meeting, we spent time talking about balanced literacy and determining the best course of action as a feeder pattern. For the most part, the consensus was that secondary schools would focus on shared reading while the most elementary school principals would like to focus on small group instruction and guided reading. We will continue to collaborate to develop the best course of action for our team based on principal input.

Beyond focusing on balanced literacy, setting the stage for the upcoming school year encompasses many facets of planning. While we are going to make sure good first instruction takes place daily for the remainder of the school year, let's also continue to plan for a great 2015-2016. A few key items to consider are:

  • A strong master schedule that supports all learners (Pre-A.P and intervention courses)with appropriate time allocations.
  • Grouping students through the use of teacher input for each class in each grade level.
  • Collaboration among CILT and A-team to begin thinking about Key Actions for the C.A.P.
  • Identify a specific area of focus based on campus needs. This could be student leadership, use of data, etc.


Seen below are Ms. Bilbrey, Mr. Bennett and Trustee Bingham. Macon Elementary School was recently recognized at the Dallas ISD Board meeting for success in getting scholars to read through the use of Earning by Learning. Well done!

Marshall Memo

Below is an excerpt from an article recently posted in the Marshall Memo. I felt it was a good paragraph to share as it speaks directly to our work of coaching. She notes how important the conversation is after observing a teacher. As you and your team continue to coach and monitor teachers for good first instruction, please remind you leadership team members of the value of the actual conversation. Ideally, the conversation allows the teacher to do most of the talking during the coaching. See below:

In this article in Educational Leadership, author/consultant Charlotte Danielson says that after supervisors or colleagues observe a class, “it’s all about the conversation. Whether educators are discussing observation data, assessment results, the rigor of activities and assignments, or student work samples, what they value are not the data per se, but the conversations they have about the data.”

Staffing Our Schools for 2015 - 20016

We are doing quite well as we move toward fully staffing our schools by May 30. Currently, we have 23 vacancies across the feeder pattern for next year. Most of them are for two of our schools. Otherwise, we are in a good place. I would like to thank the following principals who are currently fully staffed for next year:

Dr. Sheryl Wilson

Mr. Gerald Bennett

Mr. Juan Cordoba

Ms. Silvia Garcia

Mr. Umoja Turner

Ms. Rocio Bernal

Events for the Week

Monday, April 27 - Report cards issued

Tuesday, April 28 -

Wednesday, April 29 -

Thursday, April 30 - Secondary Mandatory LPAC training @ H. B. Bell Building 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Friday, May - Secondary Data Meeting, Elementary Mandatory LPAC training @ H. B. Bell Building 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.


This past Thursday, Clarita and her sixth grade science teachers, Ms. Dixson, were recognized for their work. Clarita received the Southeast Chamber Principal of the Year Award while Ms. Dixson was honored as the Southeast Chamber Teacher of the Year. Congratulations to both of them!
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