Importance of Examinations

Payton Cossette

It is very important to make sure to get physical exams regularly because it ensures your wellness and your health. If there happen to be anything wrong with you, you can get an exam and work to fix it right away instead of something being wrong with you later on.

Types of Screenings and What They are Screened For:


A mammogram is a x-ray photo taken of the breast by a doctor. Many women (especially between ages 50-74) go to the doctor every 2 years to get a mammogram, which checks for breast cancer in women who have no signs or symptoms. The x-ray detects possible tumors that can not be seen from the outside or felt. If a woman does feel a lump in her breast she can go get a mammogram to see what it could be. This is popularly used to check for breast cancer.

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Pap Smears

This is a test doctors do on women to see if there are any problems with their cervix, such as infections or cancer. As soon as a woman turns 21, or after 3 years of sexual activity, she should get regular Pap Smears to monitor her health. All the doctor does is uses a brush to wipe a sample of mucus of the cervix and go get it tested.

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Testicular Exams

Typically this is checked by either by the male, or a doctor for lumps, tenderness, changes in size, or bumps. If they have any of these is could possibly be a sign of testicular cancer. Even though it is a rare cancer, it is most common in males ages 15-35. It is recommended to check at least once a month. If you notice any lumps or bumps, notify your doctor right away to get it checked out.

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Prostate Exams

This is a test for men mainly to see if they have prostate cancer. This is good for detecting cancer before it gets bad. It is recommended that men between the ages of 40-70 receive this test. Not all men are required to be tested for this, but in some cases it is reccomended.

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