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Clayton Ridge Schools: January 2021

Where Excellence is the Tradition

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Achievements in Athletics and Activities

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Pep Rally Honoring Sam and Michaela

Large Group Speech's Readers' Theatre Advanced to State Speech

Congratulations to the Large Group Speech Readers’ Theatre! They received a Division I rating for their virtual performance on Wednesday night and are advancing to the IHSSA State Contest! Congratulations, Chloe S., Brooke H., Kaci K., Logan C., Ellie D., Teagan P., Aubrey A., Aiden C., and Natalie L.!

The students performed "The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet."

The State virtual submission is also below.

Senior Band Students Visit 5th Graders

These senior band members shared their expertise on band and instruments. 5th-grade students had a lot of great questions for them. Students will begin trying out different instruments with Ms. Wilke in the weeks ahead. More information for parents will be coming from Ms. Wilke.

Cake Decorating Contests in Culinary Skills

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Happenings in the Hallways (and Classrooms)

CR Strong and Still Subbing

Three retired Clayton Ridge elementary teachers were all subbing in the elementary building on the same day. Combined these three educators have 100 years of classroom teaching and continue to dedicate their time as substitute teach when called upon by the district.

Rondee Troester, Diane Bockenstedt, NaDyne Meyer

This is #CRStrong


Ms. Geuder

The EAGLES+ students enjoyed having Mr. Wahls for a sub when Ms. Geuder was gone with a broken arm. He taught them many interesting Science lessons. They had fun learning about Science with hands-on activities.

Some of the students did a STEM challenge related to Martin Luther King Jr. The older students learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and built a podium based on certain specifications. The younger students learned about dreams Martin Luther King Jr. had and did an activity related to dreams they have for the future.

The EAGLES+ students also learned about the Presidential Inauguration and did some writing projects associated with the Inauguration. They also watched President Biden be sworn into office.

Afterward, we did a STEM challenge with plastic bags. We talked about things we could make out of the bags. Then we made bracelets out of the bags. It was a little more challenging than we thought it would be.

All of the students enjoyed using the 3 new Mini Spheros that Delaney Brown’s family purchased for our classroom. They can use them for coding and many different activities.

Now we are working on building items out of different sized boxes. The 4th- and 5th-grade students are building Tiny Houses. They are creating their floor plans this week. Then they will begin building their houses next week. The 3rd-grade students are creating their own games that they will be able to play when they are finished. Second-grade EAGLES+ students are going to build something out of small Rubik cube boxes. We will share some of our finished projects next month.

Abbey, from Osborne, taught the 5th-grade students a lesson on Survival of the Fittest. It was very interesting, and they learned a lot.

The new year has us off to a busy start. We have many more challenges ahead.

The Ticket Store is Back at CREL

The ticket store is up and running again, and some 5th-graders choose to buy a hat day!

Snow Much Fun in Fifth Grade

It has been a beautiful week to be outside in the snow for recess!

Fantastic Fifth Graders!

*Photos: Mrs. Lawrence

Friday Fifth Grade STEAM Day

So much fun learning hands-on!

Photos by Mrs. Lawrence

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Learning and Growing with Mrs. Lawrence

These pictures show the start of the 3rd quarter and the 2nd semester.

5th graders started Topic 9: Adding and Subtracting Fractions today.

I just love watching this group of 5th graders work collaboratively to learn and grow!

Trying New Things in PE

Mr. Schutte is trying some new things in PE this week.

Hatchet Stem Challenge

Mrs. Stannard

We are reading the novel Hatchet in class. Students will work through several different challenges that enhance this unit. Today they are working together to create a Floatplane that can fly the furthest and float on water. In the book, the pilot dies and Brian has to crash land the plane on a lake.

Imaginary Bingo

An imaginary number is a complex number that can be written as a real number multiplied by the imaginary unit i, which is defined by its property i2 = −1. The square of an imaginary number bi is −b2. For example, 5i is an imaginary number, and its square is −25.

Mr. Kolbet's Algebra II classes practiced their mastery of imaginary numbers with a game Mr. Kolbet created. Students worked to solve problems and find the answer on their BINGO boards.

Triangle Art in Geometry

Mrs. Jana Kregel

Geometry students combined their knowledge of triangles with their artistic abilities to create some awesome Triangle Art. After studying triangles for the second quarter, they were challenged to draw a picture using only triangles. It enforced key concepts in properties of triangles and triangle similarity.

(wolf - Tess Broyles, pineapple - Rachel Powers, buck - Trevor Flemming, guitar - Hylah Wells, dragon - Vincent Herzog)

Robotics in Computer Apps

Mrs. DeGidio teamed up with Mr. Kraus to teach students how to code using Blockly Prop and how to build and program robotics. Students used Parallax's Activity Bot 360.

After learning how to build code with Blockly Prop, students learned how to build circuits and finish the programming of these student-friendly, yet sophisticated and advanced robots.

What's New at the Guttenberg Library?

Nancy Ruzicka
Youth Services Director

Nancy Ruzicka

Youth Services Director

What's new here at the library?

Well, a lot!

Because of the Covid-19 cases on the rise, the Guttenberg Library has changed our procedures. The library is open by appointment only and masks are required. The appointments are 30 minutes long and can be scheduled by calling the library. If you prefer not to come into the library you can call and request specific books or reserve books online, and we will set them out on our cart for curbside pick up.

Our Grab-N-Go craft bags are now available for December. We have 2 different crafts available. Pre-3rd. grade and 4-8th grade. The crafts bags have been moved outside also. They will be in a plastic tote by the front door.

Visit the Guttenberg Public Library's Facebook page for Ms. Nancy's online storytimes. A new storytime will be posted every month along with other educational videos for kids to watch.

Remember to join our Great Stay At Home Winter Reading Challenge for adults. You can download the reading log from our website or request one from the library.

The Guttenberg Library will be closed the following dates in December: 24 and 25 and closing early on the 31.

Happy Holidays!

Words on Wellness

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2020-2021 District Calendar

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About Clayton Ridge Community Schools

Clayton Ridge Community School District has both a north and south campus. The northern campus is located in the midst of the rolling prairie of Garnavillo, Iowa and currently serves students in grades PK-5. The southern campus is situated among the picturesque Mississippi River bluffs and boasts a magnificent view of the mighty river and Lock & Dam 10 in Guttenberg, Iowa. The south campus serves middle school (6-8), and high school (9-12).