Suzy Lu for Supreme Court Justice

A vote for Lu is a vote for YOU!

Biographical Information

Suzy Lu attended Stanford University and went to Vanderbilt Law School and Medical School. She has practiced medicine for 20 years and law for 27. She also has served as a district court judge for 10 years.


Suzy Lu believes that affirmative action should be reversed. Affirmative action only points out the difference in races, rather than letting the future generations live without racist views. It reverse racism as well makes this country live in the past.
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Suzy Lu believe that the 2nd amendment should be followed. Her utmost reason is so that the government does not control all the guns in case corruption ever went too far. However, she believes in in-depth background checks and annual mental health check-ups to reduce accidents.
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Suzy Lu believes that Obamacare is unconstitutional. She would like to reverse it if given the chance while Supreme Court Justice. As well as being unconstitutional, it hurts medical jobs and the incentive to work hard to be a doctor and work hard as a doctor is diminished.
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