Terry fox

significance to Canadian children

who is he

Terry Fox is a truly one of Canada's most impacting and iconic hero for the determination, spirit and awareness which he brought to many Canadian for the importance of cancer research along with the illness itself. Terry fox was more then determined to beat cancer than anybody else, he believed that nobody should be left out in their interest because of who they are and their illness.

How he became famous

Terry Fox was 18 years old when he had been diagnosed with severe bone cancer that had caused him to have his right leg amputated. With this unfortunate disability, he still did not loose hope and decided that he wanted to help others struggling with cancer. Later that year on April 12, 1980 in St.Johns Newfoundland, he began the Marathon of Hope across Canada with his friend. This marathon consisted of about 42 km per day for roughly 143 to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. He quickly became noticed for his inspiring dream and had many supporters. Despite his own condition worsening, he continued his marathon for as long as he possibly could. His marathon ended on September 1st when his cancer had spread to his lungs. In June of 1981, he peacefully passed away due to his cancer
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Friends and family

Even though Terry Fox was becoming widely all over the world for his efforts, he remembered to keep his family and friends close to him since they were his support group from the start. Aside from his close relations, he never forgot about the millions of people that supported him as he encouraged them to keep bringing awareness. Most importantly he made sure to make every one feel as if they had an important role and could also make a difference. He put the idea behind the importance of every single person in order to make such a dream of his come true.

teaching kids never to quit

It is important to know that Terry Fox didn't ever 'quit' his dream to goal of raising awareness. For as long as he could walk with his amputated leg, he did and did not loose hope. However when his condition became unbearable, he was forced to stop the tour in order to receive treatment. Once he had stopped, he continued to create an even greater influence on everyone else. He had instilled initiative in others to continue to support cancer research just as he had since he would no longer be able to continue his Marathon of Hope.

Greg scott

While in the middle of his marathon of hope terry fox went to stop with man other people. BUT this one was unlike any other terry fox meet. Fox's heart was captured by 10-year-old Greg Scott of Welland, who waited three hours on Dundurn Street in the burning heat just to talk to terry to meet his hero.Scott was a young all-star baseball player who, like Fox, had lost a leg to bone cancer.The Welland Slow-pitch Baseball Association raised funds to pay for Scott to fly to Terrace Bay in northern Ontario to join the marathon on Aug. 26. The two spent several days together, during which Scott bicycled behind his hero. Unfortunately the two would lose their lives to cancer.
Terry Fox and Greg Scott