My Life in Pink and Green

By Lisa Greenwald

Reviewed by Grace

My Life in Pink and Green

Lucy’s family’s pharmacy is losing money and she wants to help, but her mother and grandmother don’t think she can do it. Lucy enters for a grant and she calls her sister who is in college for help. They fill in all of the information and send it in. When Lucy tells her mother and grandmother they’re not very excited. As Lucy tries to help some more she worries that she won’t win the grant.

Pieces of this book are very sad like when Lucy finds out that the pharmacy is having insurance problems and they are losing customers. I think now that Lucy is in 6th grade her mom should trust her. My favorite part was when her best friend Sunny asks Lucy to take a “going green” class. Lucy doesn’t think she’ll like it, but then she finds out about the grant and loves it.

I recommend this book to girls ages 9-12 because the main character is a girl named Lucy. Also, girls can relate better to this book. If you like realistic fiction then this would be a good book for you. Although this book is not suspenseful it is very relaxing.

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