Individual vs. Society

By: Emma, Hailey, Morgan, and Jordan

Compare/Contrast: To Kill A Mockingbird/The Blind Side

Compare: Atticus is going against his town and defending Tom Robinson even though he is colored. In The Blind Side, Leigh Anne adopts "Big Mike" even though her friends think she shouldn't.

Contrast: In The Blind Side, there isn't a trial but in To Kill A Monkingbird there was a trial.

"Famous" Quote

Society exist as only a mental concept: in the real world they are only individuals

-The Odyssey by Homer

Quote from book

'You never really understand a person until you consider things from their point of view." -Atticus


How might we be able to apply this theme to our lives? Don't always let others influence your decision; do what you feel is right, not what society thinks.

What lesson can we learn through exploration of this theme? Sometimes society isn't always right.

Another Work: The Blind Side

In the movie, The Blind Side, Leigh Ann adopts Big Mike even to the disapporoval of her friends.