By: Morgan Beyer


Have you been worried about coming to Lineville? I know I was. But don't worry about it; you'll catch on quickly. So keep reading to learn some basic information about Lineville.


Lockers were one of the things I worried about coming to Lineville. I worried about forgetting my combination, but it ended up being easier then I thought. The hard part for me was knowing the right way to turn the knob. You start with your first number turning the knob right, then you turn the knob completely around left and then you go to your second number. Then with the last number you finish it off with turning the knob right. The more you get used to it the easier it gets; good luck with your locker.


Lunch at Lineville is different from lunch at other schools. There are two different lunch lines; such as common and district. First of all, districts food is the same that you guys would get, but commons meal has different food. Commons has new food every day, but it repeats over every week. Also, there is a choice of A la carte, but that only serves sides to go along with your main meal. Lastly, when you go to sit down there are round tables that seat 8 kids. That's how different lunch is from last year.


At Lineville you have houses rather than classes. With houses you have between 3 to 4 teachers. In the morning you have team time with 1 of your house teachers. Also, every house teacher is designated to at least 1 subject if not 2. Through out the day you move from classroom to classroom within your house (unless you have math with different teachers). Usually classrooms within your house are close to each other. I hope you get the house you want.


  • Phoenix
  • Club
  • Unity
  • Nelson
  • High five
  • Ihouse
  • Beach
  • Epic


Gym is different because of units and changing into gym clothes. There is a girls and a boys locker room. Everyone gets a locker and people don't stare at you when you're changing. Gym clothes can be any comfy clothes that are NOT the clothes you wore to school that day. There are different units but you can catch on quick. Have fun at gym!


Hallways at Lineville give you more freedom than at elementary school. You don't have to walk in lines but you have to remember there are consequences to bad hallway behavior. If you are being irresponsible you might have to have a teacher escort you to classes. Another thing is colored tape in the hallways. If there is red tape that means you have to be silent, but if there is blue tape that means you can whisper. You have to respect the red tape because class might be going on then.


I hope you're not as worried about this transformation into Lineville. Whatever house you end up in I hope you enjoy Lineville, good luck!
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