Self-Censorship Tristan & Joey

How you modify your thoughts, speech, and actions

What is it?

Self-Censorship is when you censor what you say or do in certain situations to better your own position and avoid offending someone.

Common sense of what to say and do.

Self Censorship


Why do we have Self-Censorship?

What happens in our thought process to provide self-censorship?

What are proper times for self-censorship to take place?

Reasons for self-censorship

Self-Censorship is put in place to prevent offending others. your inner morals are what censor what you do or don't say or do. it keeps proper orderly communication without offense being taken.

Against Self-Censorship

The only people who would or might actually be against self censorship are those who try to enforce freedom of speech as much as they possibly can to stretch what they can get away with saying.


Yes, censorship of this nature can be justified. A person who is civil and acts appropriatly shouldn't have issues with self censorship but for those who try and get away with obnoxious things they do and say at unappropriate times should have self censorship forced on them.