Forest of Reading

Running Programs for 1st Timers

About the Forest of Reading?

· Largest recreational reading program in Canada run by Ontario Library Association

· Recognition for Canadian authors and Canadian books

· Provides teachers, teacher-librarians, and library technicians with a tool for improved literacy in schools and libraries

· Responds to community interest and needs

· Consists of 6 programs for K-12 which runs from October to April each year

I LIke the Forest of Reading Because....

Students talk about why the Forest of Reading® is important

Forest Timelines

Why Register for Forest?

  • Availability to hundreds of resources , materials and program ideas
  • Access to tracking sheets, author interviews, teacher guides, activities
  • Giving students a voice when choice who will be the winner
  • Connect with readers across Canada and online chats with authors
  • and so much more....

How Much Does It Cost to Register?

One time annual fee for ALL programs through OLA:

$35.00 members (elementary)

$50.00 non-members (elementary)

$25.00 members (secondary)

$40.00 non-members (secondary)

To register:

How Many Copies Should I Order?

There is no easy answer to this question! The number of copies all depend on how you run your program and is dependent upon how many readers you have participating, so this is just a guideline.

Within each program, 1 book set contains 10 titles. On average, schools have bought between:

· 3-5 book sets of the fiction titles

· 1-3 of the non-fiction titles

· 1-2 of the picture books (Blue Spruce; Le Prix Peuplier™).

A suggestion would be to order enough book sets to ensure there are extra books available for choice. (i.e. if you have 20 students participating, order 3 book sets giving you 30 copies of the nominated books).

Forest of Reading in Alternate Formats

School must have a print copy of the book to use the Alternate Education Resources Ontario (AERO) services.

More information on this can be found on the forest website under Forest of Reading in Alternate Formats.

Program Ideas

· forest passports

· discovery bottles: souvenirs from a story in bottles filled with salt, sugar or sand. Shake bottle and discuss item that turns up

· word search

· book trailers/commercials

· blog

· trivia over the intercom system about forest titles

· name that book contest

· and so much more….Check out program ideas from the Forest of Reading Program Ideas

Brand Regulations and Style Guide When Using Forest of Reading Name

When a Forest of Reading Book is Challenged

Kevin Sylvester talks about the Forest of Reading

Save the Date!!

Peel's Forest of Reading Celebration

Thursday, May 18th 2017 at 10:30am-1:30pm

7575 Kennedy Rd S

Brampton, ON

Details for our event will be found on the Library Support website under Forest of Reading closer to the date.

Peel's Forest of Reading Celebration Highlights

Forest of Reading 2016
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