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English I & III

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I am able to respond the quickest through email. I also have a conference period from 11:07 to 11:56.

Class Syllabus


Each student will be required to have the following:

  • 1 binder FOR ENGLISH CLASS ONLY (clear pocket on cover)
  • Notebook paper
  • Pen, blue or black only for class (pencil if desired)

Extra Credit Supplies

Extra credit supplies may be brought once a six weeks and used to replace the lowest daily grade.

  • Box of Kleenex
  • Bottle of Germ-x
  • Package of markers
  • Package of map pencils
  • Package of pens
  • Package of 5x8 index cards

LHS Attendance Policy


  • Less than 10 minutes late to class, Tardy.
  • Over 10 minutes late, Absence.
  • Every 3 tardies equals an absence. (Warning from principal)
  • 4 tardies and subsequent tardies. (Discipline Referral)


Students will need to keep all handwritten work in their binder and any digital work on their iPad or cloud drive. iPads come with a calendar already loaded or students may use the Wunderlist App. Students may also use a planner if they do not want to use the iPad. I write the week's assignments on the board each Monday and all students are responsible for writing these down. FRESHMEN will also need to have their assignment list signed by a parent/guardian every Monday and return on Tuesday for a daily grade.


LISD policy states that your grade is to be made up of 50% daily and 50% test grades. It also states that you should have a minimum of 10 daily and 2 test grades per grading period. Grades are also posted online and parents/guardians are encouraged to view these grades. When it comes to written work (essays), please be patient and allow a few days for these to be graded and posted.

ZAP (Homework Detention)

Around the 2nd to 3rd week of school, any student missing assignments will be assigned to ZAP. ZAP is held every Monday and Wednesday after school (3:05-4:00) and allows students the opportunity to make their work up.

Missed Work

Students who miss class should look in their class tray for make-up work. It should have your name on it. If you require instruction or direction about that assignment, you are to check with me before or after school, or after class—Never interrupt another class time to ask about/discuss make-up work.

· Students who miss an assignment that was given on the day they were absent, will have three days starting the day that they return to school to turn it in.

· If you have already received an assignment, even tests and quizzes, and were absent the day that it was due, then it is automatically due the day that you come back to school.

· If you are absent the day before a test or quiz and were aware of the impending test or quiz, it is up to teacher discretion when you will take it. It is your best interest to be prepared to take it on the day of your return.

· Athletes and Extracurricular participants are responsible for their work and turning it in ON TIME. If it was due the day you were absent and you did not attend ANY classes, it is due the very next day. If it is due and you attend ANY classes, then your assignment is due before you leave the building.

Late Work

Late work that was not classwork/graded in class will be accepted 1 day late for a maximum grade of 75, 2 days late for a maximum grade of 50, and will not be accepted at any time after. Any work that is graded in class is not eligible for the late grade policy and will not be accepted after the due date.


You will be expected to use the MLA format for your paper heading. This information should be in the top Left corner, if it is not or not complete, you will automatically reduce the maximum grade for that assignment by the following:

1st and 2nd six weeks: - 5 points

3rd and 4th six weeks: - 10 points

5th and 6th six weeks: - 25 points

Complete Sentences &"O" Handout

Students will always be expected to answer and write in complete sentences, unless otherwise instructed. You will automatically lose 10 points for not following directions if you choose not to answer in complete sentences.

"0" Handout: Students will receive a copy of the "0" Handout and will be expected to keep in cover pocket of binder. In an effort to create stronger writers and communicators, we have added many different writing aspects that are not allowed in class. A copy of this handout will also be added to this site ASAP. Parents: If you would like one of these emailed to you, please contact me. I will be happy to send you one.

Extra Credit!!!!

Dress up days (Pep Rally & Red Ribbon Week etc.): students who make an effort and dress up for the school dress up days will receive 5 bonus points coupon. Examples of no effort for camo day: camo socks, or camo duct tape, or camo wallet, or camo hat are not qualifying attire for the bonus points. The student would have to come to school in camo clothing, such as a camo hunting suit or multiple pieces of clothing with camo face paint. On Bandanna day simply wearing one bandana is not making an effort. There has to be effort on the part of the student to specifically dress up for that day’s theme to receive points. For a really exceptional effort or winning the high school dress up award, student might be entitled to 10 bonus points. Also, no points will be given to students who are not seen in class dressed up, meaning you may not dress up after my class and expect to receive points from me.

Extra Credit Supplies: Check the list under "Supplies".

Homework/Independent Reading

Homework is very limited in my English classes. There will be a weekly vocabulary assignment, and any classwork that is not finished in class is automatically homework. These unfinished assignments will not necessarily make the weekly calendar. It is the student’s responsibility to finish all work that is not completed in class. Unless specified, I will assign reading material as homework. This is to help students complete the reading assignment within the specified time allowance. It will be obvious if students do not read material when it is provided, they will not be able to complete their assignments over the reading in the time allowed or will not be able to pass quizzes or writings over assigned reading.

Independent Reading: Each six weeks the students will be required to pick out and read a grade level appropriate novel and complete an assignment based on that reading. These novels will be checked out from the library or downloaded to iPad and approved within the first week of the six weeks and are required to be finished by the 5th week of the six weeks, see school calendar for actual dates. The books need to be brought to class daily in case time is available for reading. No profane or erotic material will be acceptable reading. There may be surprise book check grades during the six weeks for students who brought their book on that day; there is no makeup grade for this assignment.

Vocabulary Cards: Due EVERY Wednesday

Vocabulary cards involve many senses and focuses to help students remember the meaning of higher academic vocabulary that is necessary for college and career life. The vocabulary card is designed so that each student learns something no matter what their learning style is. Students will be responsible for making one vocabulary card for each lesson in the vocabulary workbook. The words will be assigned by the teacher. Students will receive a vocabulary card instruction guide and one will be added to this site.

Vocabulary Workbook: Due EVERY Thursday

Each week the student will have homework from the workbook (unless otherwise assigned). Most often, students will be able to work on these at the end of class and should rarely need to complete at home. An ideal schedule is listed below:

· Monday-Exercise 1

· Tuesday- Exercise 2

· Wednesday-Exercise 3


Writing is the one thing that is required wherever you work or go to school. Everyone writes something, whether it is academic such as papers and essays, or professional such as emails, reports, applications, memos, or even personal such as text messages and Facebook posts. Students are required by the state of Texas to write, write well, and write often. The English department at Leon High School understands this as well as the need for students to become more technology savvy in order to succeed in college or in the professional world. Most of your writing this year will be typed and turned in via a website called or MY Big Campus App. In a college setting, students are mandated to electronically turn in their assignments. This allows the teacher a way to easily see who has turned in an assignment, and when it was turned in, thus alleviating any “Where did it go?” questioning from either the student or teacher.

Essays and Research Papers/Plagiarism

Writing assignments are vital proof that the students understand the material presented in class. These will be assigned often, some quick and some long and tedious. This opens the door for plagiarism, or claiming someone else’s words or writings as your own. All papers will be turned in via where they will be checked for plagiarism. Early in the year if plagiarism is detected, the student will have a conference with the teacher to clarify any misunderstandings about what is and is not acceptable when using other material. After this conference, the student will correct their paper and submit it again via the website within the stated time period. From the middle of the year on (3rd-6th six weeks) students will not receive the conference from the teacher to correct plagiarism.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism and cheating are not allowed. Period. End of discussion. In college you sign a form when you register acknowledging that the college or university has the right to kick you out of college immediately if you are found cheating in class or on an assignment. If you are caught cheating on an assignment, quiz, test, paper, etc., you will receive a 0 for that assignment. If you are caught allowing someone to cheat you will also receive a 0 for that assignment. If problems persist with cheating, disciplinary action will be taken in addition to the 0 received for the assignment.