Hannibal Lecter

Tragic Hero Qualities

Psychiatrist Gone Cannibal

Dr.Lecter, a very well known forensic psychiatrist, has been using his career to help tailor to his own killings.

Tragic Hero Qualities

Cannibal Helps Police Force

Hannibal Lecter is quite a gentleman. He grows fond of Clarice Starling and finds her interesting. He begins to give her clues on how to solve a difficult muder case. Before he was convicted for numerous murders, Dr. Lecter was an extremely good forensic psychiatrist. He then began to use his charm, wit, and career to help him get away with his murders. He is very smart, he is a very good liar, and he is very dangerous. He sees himself to be better than others, but after meeting Clarice, you can tell something has changed. I think that Clarice is the only reason he agreed to help the police force again.

Case Solved, Dr. Lecter Escapes Custody

Dr. Lecter manages to escape custody, by killing prison guards and running away. However, he told Clarice how to solve the case, before he did so. In the end, one killer was caught, and one killer has escaped.