Better friends=better life

By Davan Weber p.6-7

analysis and the development of theme

the setting is very important because without it we would not have a good story. the setting is perfect. the characters are important because they are the ones who create the story. with out them the story would not even be called freak the mighty. they plot is the story so we need it to be interested. without the plot the story would not be the story. the conflict is a problem if there was no problem you would be board to death.with all of it together the story is good

reflection and application of theme

the theme has every thing there is to know about the story. I think the theme is very true. you can have a better life if you just make better friends. the theme is the most important thing about the book


summary of freak the mighty

this story is about a kid who lost his mother because his dad killed her also it has a crippled kid they together become friends and become unstoppable until somthing unexpected happens