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3rd and 4th Grades


Our third and fourth graders have been busy learning through many higher level thinking activities.

Autonomous Learner Model

QR Code Research

Here's the Scoop...

For the past few weeks, our students investigated each facet of the Autonomous Learner Model. During this time, the students collaborated on and created a poster demonstrating traits of an autonomous learner. An Autonomous Learner; by definition is “one who solves problems or develops new ideas through a combination of divergent and convergent thinking and functions with minimal external guidance in selected areas of endeavor.” We spent some time in class dissecting this definition and really understanding what it means to be an autonomous learner. It is our goal as GT Specialists to help develop life-long learners. The Autonomous Learner Model was developed to direct and assist students who want to become more independent and responsible for their own learning. In doing so, learners must develop the skills, concepts, and attitudes necessary for independent investigations. During this process, the students move toward the role of the learner and the teacher adopts the role of the facilitator.

We have began to take an in-depth look at our Depth and Complexity Icons which will be used to guide the students through their independent research. Students, using QR readers on the iPads, are applying the thinking skills associated with Depth and Complexity icons, while researching Holidays Around the World.

For a short introductory video about our GT program, please watch this clip:

Thank you for sharing your amazing children with us! We hope you all have abundant blessings as we head into the upcoming holiday season!

KISD 3rd and 4th grade GT Specialists