Raymore Update: 04/21/15

News For & About our Staff Family & PLC

Our Early Childhood classes enjoyed time at the Petting Zoo! Thank you to Larry and Ryan Wescoat for bringing such a fun adventure to our students!

Inspirational Quote

We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but of appreciating what we do have.

Wish You Well

Well wishes go out to Brianna Pennington's father who received a stent as treatment for a cardiac episode this week. We are hoping he has a healthy and quick recovery.

Marie Davis' husband received great news last week! The doctor does not suggest any further treatments after his recent surgery. Marie appreciates all the well wishes and prayers.

Wednesday, April 22 will be Nicole Prindle's last day with us as she completes her student teaching with Mrs. Moots in first grade. It has been great having Nicole part of our school family and we wish her well as she begins her new journey next year in the Belton School District!

Laurie Asher's last day with us will be this Friday, April 24. She has done a great job at taking care of Mrs. Meyers' first grade class room while Lindsay has been on maternity leave. We appreciate all her support she has provided to our first grade students and wish her well! We will welcome back Lindsay Meyer on Monday as she returns from her maternity leave.


Take Your Child to Work Day-Thursday, April 23

Just a reminder... IF you have a student say that they won't be here Thursday, please get a form from Karla that can be sent with the student. The parent's employer will sign the form to verify the absence.

And the Winner Is....Dr. Hofmann!!

Votes are in and counted!! It has been determined by Mrs. Lopez's class that Dr. Hofmann (10 votes for Hofmann and 8 votes for Miller) will be the administrator slushed at the Read A Thon Assembly this Friday, April 24. The Read A Thon Assembly will begin at 9:00 am in the gym. After the slushing, we will also have a MAP kickoff for our third and fourth grade students. We will begin to call students to the gym at 8:45 a.m. As always, please review assembly expectations with your class prior to Friday. Let the slushing begin!

Protabula & Target Sheet Reminders

Thank you for continuing to always check out/in students in Protabula when they are in a buddy room, etc. This allows our BSAT team to track important data which helps us plan supports for students. We also ask that you make sure dates are on target sheets before turning them into Mrs. Warren. Having dates on sheets helps Mrs. Warren enter data efficiently. We appreciate your help! If you have any questions, please see any BSAT member.

Papa John's Night Winner

The Papa John's class winner from our last Raymore Papa John's Night was Mrs. Pennington's third grade classroom! Congrats! We received $23.75 from this event. Thank you to all who participated in the Papa John's Night. Every little bit counts!

Dismissal Reminders

We appreciate you continuing to have your dismissal check off sheets with you during dismissal time and actively checking off students as they board the bus, go to car rider, etc. It is an expectation this procedure continues through the entire year. It allows us a necessary tracking system if there are ever any questions or situations regarding dismissal. Also, please continue to email Karla and Renee with dismissal changes. Both secretaries need to know in the event one would be gone or unavailable. Thank you for your continued help with this!

Staff Game Night - May 1

Don't forget to RSVP for Staff Game Night Friday, May 1. Please, please RSVP either way by clicking here (http://goo.gl/OIH27G). We appreciate yes's and no's. We will have the back room at El Dorado here in Raymore. Some food provided and you can purchase more food and drink on your own. We hope you can join us for a fun time! Thank you to our second grade team for planning!

Supporting Our Third & Fourth Grade Students for MAP

MAP testing for our third and fourth graders will begin next week April 27-May 1 (ELA) and May 4-8 (Math). Classes will be testing in the computer lab. Chromebooks will be used for overflow as needed. Since testing has to be scheduled differently than in the past, grades K-2 will be sending encouragement to our third and fourth grade classes on Mondays, April 27 & May 4. Please see the shared document to determine what classes are supporting who and what other fun ideas are being shared.


Thank you to K-2 teachers and students for supporting and believing in our third and fourth grade students and teachers! It means a lot! Our students are going to "Rock the MAP"!

PGP -End of Year Reflection

Just a reminder.....You will only save the End of the Year PGP do not submit yet. During your summative conference with Michelle & Jennika, we will review the End of Year PGP with you and then will ask you to submit it at that time. Prior to completing the PGP, please make sure your click on the button at the bottom of the page that says "Update Data Transfer." This will populate your form with all of the previous added information. On the End of Year Reflection you will also be determining your final growth guide score. We will do this with you collaboratively during your summative conference. THE END OF YEAR REFLECTION WILL HAVE TO BE COMPLETED (including signatures) BEFORE THIS INFORMATION WILL POPULATE INTO THE SUMMATIVE FORM. Please let Michelle or Jennika know if you have any questions. We are looking forward to hearing your reflections!

Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year Banquet- May 6th

If you are interested in attending the Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year banquet on May 6th, at 6 pm, at the south high school patio commons in support of our finalists please RSVP to Pam Steele at 892-1311 or email: pam.steele@raypec.org. The cost to attend the banquet is $25.00.

Summer School Info.

The following is general information regarding this year's summer school program:

The The District’s 2015 summer school program is titled "Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead!" Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math topics will be integrated into summer school courses in a project-based format.
Summer School will begin June 1 and continue until June 25 (pending no weather-related school cancellations), and is open to all incoming kindergarten through 12th grade students.

  • Kindergarten-8th grade summer school will be four days a week (Monday-Thursday)
  • Kindergarten-8th grade students may choose to attend one session of two weeks, or two sessions to total four weeks.
  • The majority of high school courses for credit will be five days a week (Monday-Friday).
  • Some enrichment courses will follow a four-day per week schedule.
  • Transportation will be available to students in kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • Additional information and enrollment paperwork will be sent home April 2.
  • Specific summer school sites will be determined based on enrollment.
  • For students in kindergarten through sixth grade, fee-based Panther Pride child care will be offered (before and after school care and/or Friday, as needed)
  • To download copies of enrollment forms visit our website http://raymoretigers.weebly.com/summer-school-2015.html

Classroom teachers please note:

Videos and Articles for You!

Make sure you check out the video link below. Mrs. Malone and our third grade students are interviewed by the Action 41 News Team! (click on the second video)

Reminders & FYIs

  • Kindergarten Screenings: Apr. 22-24

  • No intervention groups with Collom & Gordon: Apr. 23 & 24

  • Read A Thon Slushing Assembly: Apr. 24 @ 9:00 am

  • MAP Assessment: Apr. 27-May 1 & May 4-7

  • Cheris Visits: Apr.29

  • Teacher Appreciation Week: May 4-7

  • Forward emails regarding dismissal changes to both Karla and Renee.

  • Please remember to be at specials door :35 after to deliver & :30 to pick up.
  • Fridays --jeans with Ray Pec spirit wear.
  • Classroom doors should be locked at all times and the magnet should be used to allow flow in and out of classrooms. However, we are aware there are some doors that are tricky to get to stay shut when using magnets. We do have a couple of other options we can try to help solve this problem. If you need help with this situation, please see Jennika asap and we will problem solve.
  • Remember to add your lesson plans to the Google RE Shared Folder each Monday by 8:25 a.m.

  • It is our district and building expectation that all staff reply to communication (email and phone calls) with within a 24 hour time frame.
  • If you have any pictures of great things going on in your classroom or family, please send them to Jennika. I would love to share with others in our Weekly Staff Update.
  • Call or text Michelle & Jennika if you're going to be unexpectedly absent (after 4 pm day before). 616-4210 and 550-4434
  • Call or text Michelle if you will be in the building on the weekend! The lounge/workroom will be open for access to copiers.
  • Remember to check the RE Shared Calendar for events! We are still adding, and things change.
  • Looking for previous copies of our Weekly Staff Updates? If so, these can be found on our Raymore Tigers Weebly site under "For Staff" & then click on "Raymore Update".

PLC: Our Mission, Vision, Values

As a professional learning community, we commit to three big ideas:

  1. Focus on Learning
  2. Build a Collaborative Culture
  3. Focus on Results

We answer four questions:

  1. What do we expect our students to learn? (Goals/Expectations)
  2. How will we know they are learning? (Assessment)
  3. How will we respond when they don’t learn? (DI Intervention)
  4. How will we respond if they already know it? (DI Extension)

To fulfill our mission & vision:

  • M: Preparing each student for a successful and meaningful life
  • V: Turning today's learners into tomorrow's leaders

With these commitments:

  • We are committed to consistency & accountability for each student's success.
  • We are committed to a system of support for students and adults.
  • We are committed to a safe, trusting and collaborative environment.
  • We are committed to best practices.
  • We are committed to high expectations for learning, behavior and citizenship.
  • We are committed to quality communication & positive relationships with all stakeholders
  • We are committed to effective communication regarding student progress.
  • We are committed to data-driven decision making.
  • We are committed to use of appropriate channels for communication.
  • We are committed to a guaranteed (consistent) and viable (doable) curriculum.
  • We are committed to maintaining fiscal responsibility while improving student achievement